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Please join us this fall at Together Live -- a ten-city, three-hour traveling Love Rally. @glennondoyle, @luvvie, #JenniferRudolphWalsh, and I will be in every city, and we will be joined by amazing guest speakers in each different city, including @conniebritton, @sophiabush, @fly_sci, @missalexisjones, @aliciakeys, @amani, @elizabethlesser, @ruthielindsey, @ibtihajmuhammad, @glowmaven, @jamiaawilson, @maysoonzayid and more . . .

We will bring badass earth-shakers, hilarious heroines, and revolutionary storytellers to the stage and audience. Together, we will reclaim our shared humanity, overcome fear and division, choose love and ignite change.

TICKETS START AT JUST $20 if you buy today. For the next 72 hours, if you enter Promo Code: UNITE you will receive discounted tickets -- $5 off the $25 tickets and $10 off higher-priced tickets. This code will expire at midnight on Wednesday night, so please get the tickets you want soon.
One of the most revolutionary things we can do is introduce people to each other. Click the link in my IG bio for tickets and more information! #TogetherLive2017


Also thank you @glennondoyle for showing me how a trip for a few weeks with children is done(no offense mom, I was too young to remember) Wow. Crash course, and yet i still love them... isn't that odd? You amaze me.

Thank you @oprah and @oprahmagazine #omagonhal and @hollandamercialine for an adventure we will never forget!! #ifitsnotonyourbucketlistitshouldbe #NOTanAD

Alaskan cruises are amazing!! We get to sit down, with the babies, and read, DURING the DAY!!!!!!! Also, I'd cruise anywhere with you @glennondoyle

Congrats @simonebiles for your deserved best female #espy tonight. @lauriehernandez_ and you made these kids very very happy!! Thanks for taking the picture @glennondoyle

Family red carpet!! #espys

Pumped for another year celebrating #GatoradePOYs at the Athlete of the Year Awards. Good luck!

My traveling life might now be complete. I have found the best travel companion(minus my family) there may ever be. #sriracha2gokeychain

My buddy @daniellekang won her first major!! So happy for you. PGA champion... not bad lady:)))

Little Mariah today. #andalollipopiguess @glennondoyle

Come join us!! @fullpitchsoccer

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