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This guy is just absolutely swell 😍❤️

everyone in utah needs to stop taking its beauty for granted ⛰ 🌅 ☁️

home is wherever im with you

miss them already tbh

n u g g e t s

My people ❤️

you could say we like christmas in this house

Time flies because our day to day tasks are mundane and repetitive, so our brains don't bother recording the information. This can manifest as time going really, really slowly while it's happening, but when you look back a week or month later you're like "Where the hell did all that time go?". In order to combat this, we need to create new experiences, so our minds record them, and pay more attention. Consequently, this has the opposite effect. "Time flies when you're having fun" - as you're doing/learning new things, the time flies by, the days seem really short, but when you look back a week or month later it will seem like ages ago, because you've created so many fresh, new memories. Being with someone who makes that so easy is the best. He teaches me so many new things every day, and never fails to make sure we are always learning. I’m so lucky to have found my love so early in life. I love you g will ❤️❤️❤️

Love these nuggets

Happy Thanksgiving to the love of my life!! You’re my hero Gavin, and life would suck without you ❤️❤️❤️

they told us to get off their property after this lol

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