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Abby Lovinger  {food} {decor} {Jamaica Plain} {bikes} {bread} {beer} {and lots of sleeping cats}

Scenes from the Mount Washington Cog train.

Ironically, my wheels this past week. 👵🏻💪

Morning and evening views.

Last night....

So good I had another for dessert. #sexytoast



Why is it that 100% of the time smoke alarm batteries lose their juice and start going chirpy at 3am?

First of the summah.

From “weeds”!

First harvest from my strawberry volunteers.

One more reason to love JP: a local family does an annual plant sale. It started at 9:30 today, I got there at 9:45 and it was just about picked clean. I did manage to score enough to fill my bike basket though!

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