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I got to see sleeping with sirens for the second time on their acoustic tour and meet them after listening to their music for close to 5 or more years now. I also got to meet @kulickofficial and I definitely can't wait to hear more of his music. This was such a cool experience to hear all the songs they performed as an acoustic version and I loved every second.

@jacktobinofficial I made sure the doors were closed in this one

You can sorta see the stain on my hat from my eyebrow pencil but its cool I got it out after don't worry

Colouring has got to be one of my favorite bands at the moment. I didn't take that many pictures or videos because it was so cool to be front row jamming along to their songs. I included some videos my dad took because I didn't record those songs. Can't wait until they come back to the U.S. again. Thank you @em.xo9 for coming with me 💙 also Godwin was a pretty sick opening act but I didnt take any pictures

It's funny because everyone that knows me knows that I hate school mirror selfies but yet I still take them myself

I love this band so much
Also shout out to my dad for getting me one of Jake's drumsticks🤘🏻and driving 2.5 hours down to Rhode island for this show

Got to watch my brothers play a game on the field today at Gillette and then got to watch a New England Revolution game so I'd say tonight was pretty cool.

yet another successful concert :) I have been a fan of Superfruit for almost 4 years now so I had so much fun at this show. Scott and Mitch are always so full of energy and always know how to keep the crowd going. During 'Keep Me Coming' (7th slide) the lights stopped working so everyone in the audience used their flashlight to light the stage and it looked so cool tbh. I dont know why the last video is sideways but it's one of my favorite so I had to keep it. Pretty Sister (last slide) was a really cool opening act and kept the crowd dancing the whole time. Thanks @bree.roy for always coming to these shows with me <3 and my awesome mom for always taking us both. also, shout out to anyone who read this whole thing and took time to actually watch the videos

"You say you never take no L's, but you're losing, I find that amusing" @ieuanofficial

"I'm not missing someone that I've never met"

"We had the stars, you and I. And this is given once only." -CMBYN

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