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Abby Aguirre  Op-ed editor for L.A. Times

"No person who has absorbed that bit of corrosive philosophy needs an oppressor to keep her down."

Extraordinary exhibition of Octavia Butler's papers on view at the Huntington Library. "I can write my own stories and I can write myself in."

"I’m really drawn to the kind of craziness where the boundary breaks down between the person and the surroundings. When you’re having a crazy moment or if you’re just nuts — might be happening to you all the time – you’re hearing something in the air. You’re not separated from the world. You know where it’s coming from. You can identify the person who’s making it. Although a more objective person would say, 'It's coming from the power lines,' you know you can talk to a Xerox machine, and you know the light is giving you a signal. That is one of the sources, it seems to me, of real poetry, is that breakdown. I think Whitman had that in a way that was not schizy. It was more sacred.” 💔

Art hanging on jacaranda raining on fur baby.

"In short the Getty is a monument to 'fine art,' in the old-fashioned didactic sense, which is part of the problem people have with it. The place resists contemporary notions about what art is or should be or ever was. A museum is now supposed to kindle the unrestrained imagination, but this museum does not. A museum is now supposed to set the natural child in each of us free, but this museum does not. This was art acquired to teach a lesson, and there is also a lesson in the building which houses it: the Getty tells us that the past was perhaps different from the way we like to perceive it. Ancient marbles once appeared just as they appear here: as strident, opulent evidence of imperial power and acquisition. Ancient murals were not always bleached and mellowed and 'tasteful.' Ancient murals once looked as they do here: as if dreamed by a mafia don. Ancient fountains once worked, and drowned out that very silence we have come to expect and want from the past." --Ms. Didion.

I'm especially jazzed about this weekend's Sunday pages, where you can read @lgmettler's very moving piece about breastfeeding and Peter Brooks's excellent piece on why the Mojave Desert water project is a deeply flawed idea. I urge you to read them both.

Almost all the restaurants my mom went to as a kid in Bakersfield are still open and run by the same families. I recommend planning ahead and fasting for an entire month before having dinner at one of the Basque spots. 🐑🕵🏼‍♀️

Rip roarin' Kern River! Thinking of you fondly, @bymattstevens 😂

The usually near-empty Kern River. 💧🍇✨

My grandpa in the middle, Russell Kennedy, on the track team at Texas A & M, 1928.

Sorry to interrupt.

As a journalist I am documenting a hat trend that is sweeping the Roaring Fork Valley. ITMFA = Impeach The Mother Fucker Already.

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