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abby elizabeth tohline  (tuh-lean) living a wildly lovely life with JM Tohline. + baby on the way + travel lover + photographer + portland, oregon

I didn’t unpack today. Or do laundry, or clean my house. that’s what I would usually do after getting home from a trip. Instead I slept for 14 hours, and then laid in bed all day resting. It’s crazy how different my body is since getting pregnant. not the shape or size (that’s crazy too) but adjusting to new limitations, and realizing I can’t do what I normally do at my normal speeds. today was good, and I’ll take tomorrow easy too. thanks body for staying strong and letting me enjoy a full and wonderful few days in Hawaii. now I’ll take care of you!
drone photo cred : @imredryan
photos of me cred : @lolabell

loving these special moments adventuring with my little lovey.
photo : @lolabell
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spending each evening by the beach has been so fun. Hawaii, you are great.
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seventeen weeks and we are bumpin’ in Maui.
photo : @lolabell
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happy October! gosh I love this month. this one will be full with so much fun, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s here! next weekend we get to cheer @stephaniebrookealexander on as she runs her first MARATHON (26.2 miles you guys. just the most amazing, tremendous thing) and I’ll have houseguests which I LOVE especially cause it’s @lolabell + @gabbyvonigas + Oliver Wilde! plus, it’s Harry Potter time for me, the weather is magic, and everything is cozy. You can’t wipe this smile off my face!

my feelings about being in my second trimester with our little lovey.
to be honest, the first trimester was much harder to handle than I anticipated. morning sickness was far worse than I had ever imagined, and several other symptoms made it a rough several weeks. I’m finally feeling like me again, and oh so happy to have those first few months behind me.

we got this little hat in a store in Copenhagen, Denmark. I walked into the store after seeing it in the window. It was dumpy lit, and the lady running the shop was sitting sewing other baby clothes that she was selling as well. everything was handmade by her, and the whole store was filled with her creations. paintings, knitted bonnets, and booties, sweet little dresses. She wrapped it up in brown paper, and I walked out onto the beautiful streets of Copenhagen beaming and so excited to show Jordan. It was like a fairytale. I can’t wait to see our baby wear it, and one day tell them the story of how I was so excited about them, I was buying them things before I was even pregnant♥️

after a busy weekend of travel, a wedding, and mini shoots, I’m feeling so tired! time to sleep for hours and hours 💤

sweet soft little things I can’t wait to fill with our sweet soft little lovey.
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thirteen weeks with you, little lovey! my app says you are the size of a lemon 🍋 which seems so big in comparison to the weeks you were chia seed sized!
p.s. this bump is the work of some major back arching, and probably some bloat. but I’m GOING WITH IT. cause I’m currently dreaming of the day when I have a bump this size 😂 #growinglittlelovey

the day after we found out we were pregnant, we walked down to our local baby store and each picked out a gift for baby. J got this irresistibly soft and floppy elephant, and I picked out this buttery bamboo nightgown. I can’t wait till our baby lovey is snuggled up in this nightgown.
#13weekspregnant #pregnant #pregnancydiary

spent this Sunday catching up / getting ahead on work so that tomorrow I can hang with J on his partial day off. I worked from bed cause #morningsickness. Any tips on getting some relief? I feel like I’ve tried everything, but most days I still feel like a zombie 😷#growinglittlelovey

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