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abby elizabeth tohline  (tuh-lean) living a wildly lovely life with JM Tohline. + travel lover + joyful weirdo + photographer + portland, oregon

comfy pants are my number one concern in fashion.

photo // @laura_elizabeth

could definitely do with some camping and beautiful views like this 😍

this view is from the weekend, but my fella invited me on a midweek date to do the same thing this evening, and it is making me so excited to slam through this work day!

I’ve gotten into a wonky sleep cycle of going to bed late, waking up early, and sleeping for two hours in the afternoon. SOS I can’t stop napping!

my best friend, favorite life partner, one and only, forever and ever.
photo // @lolabell

what a weekend! I got to celebrate one of my favorite days with my family in Oklahoma, squeeze my nieces and nephews, photograph a lovely wedding, and now I’m off to Boston for more family fun. Also, it’s the first day of July which means it’s my birthday month. I absolutely believe in celebrating alllll month long✨

photo // @arielquinton

starting off some summer fun with an early morning flight to Oklahoma.
I’m currently reading Harmless Like You, and am totally enraptured. to my fellow readers, I definitely suggest it!

photo // @laura_elizabeth

hoping to make this a spot we visit ever summer. It’s pure magic. also, fingers crossed that J and I get back up there this summer with our tent and books. B L I S S!

I love summer - my favorite part just might be camping, getting a little dirty, and making life-long memories while at it.

this past weekend we took the gorgeous @roadsandrose around Oregon to camp, and had an absolute blast seeing beautiful lakes, rivers, little towns, and mountain roads.

she was the most perfect addition, and made everything easy. I’ve never done the whole camper van thing, and after this little taste, I’m totally in love! •
we found Rose through @gocamp_rentals and they made it so easy on us. It was a quick and painless process and I would definitely recommend working with them if you are looking to rent a camper for a trip. it’s set up similarly to Airbnb, so you have access to many different campers, so you can find the perfect one for you! we personally loved Rose, and her owner is the sweetest soul, and so easy to coordinate with. •
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photo // @laura_elizabeth

yesterday’s hike views have me wishing my day was spent there instead of my office.

mental health is something I’ve been striving for most of my life. some days, I wake up anxious and scared and spend the whole day trying to stop my heart from racing, and the feelings of extreme fear and stress. some days, I wake up feeling numb, and I can’t get out of bed, or do anything other than stare out the window and maybe cry a few tears. the contrast is huge - depression causing me to completely turn off and feel nothing but grief, or anxiety turning my fear and stress levels to overdrive. the fear of forever feeling so little, or the fear of forever feeling too much. sometimes I can fight my way back to level, sometimes I need help, and can’t seem to do it on my own. I’m sharing this not for sympathy, but because this is one way I’m fighting these illnesses. for a long time, I struggled in silence. there are stigmas, and thoughts you believe : “I am weak. This is embarrassing. People may think I’m being dramatic, or should “man up.” That I shouldn’t be such a failure etc etc” it ends up being very isolating, which can make it that much worse. You don’t want to be a burden, or to admit to needing help. I’m sharing to say, if you relate to this at all - you aren’t alone. you aren’t weak. you deserve happiness. we are doing our best, and that is immense strength. I understand, and I support you in your journey to find that health.

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