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Photog. [Amateur]📸  Spread Smiles and Happiness😊✌ "HOPE RISES LIKE A PHOENIX FROM THE ASHES OF SHATTERED DREAMS..."~S.A.SACHS

Chumbu Nye🇧🇹

Enjoy every sunset. Look forward to every sunrise...❤

Body does what the mind prefers...
Model @kinley_lhendup_ ( Lil bro)❤

Water your roots; So your souls can blossom🌸

Everyone wants happiness; Nobody wants pain...
But you can't have a rainbow, without a little rain...🌸🌸🌸

Happiness is a place...
Bhutan; A Paradise to Behold!❤

"Inside us all, patiently waiting, sits a tiny little adventurous bird..." She flew away before I could get a close-up shot from the front! 😭😭😭
Still, I'm happy😊✌

Landscape of Paro as seen from Sanga Choekhor😍

How many legs does millipede have?
How many legs does millipede have?
How many legs does millipede have?

Let's take a look and see...
I see a leg and a leg and a leg and a leg.
And a leg and a leg and a leg and a leg.
And a leg and a leg and a leg and a leg.

Too many legs to count!!! Bleh! 😂✌

God has perfect timing; never early, never late. It takes a little patience and it takes a lot of faith. But it is worth the wait. ♥

FAITH GROWS BIGGER WITH AGE: "The older you are, the more likely you are to value religion..." As people age, they are more aware of their mortality. It takes a certain amount of years and experiences to fully appreciate that they do not live in human form forever. They become more reflective about their lives. This makes sense because there has been more life on which to reflect.
As people get older, they tend to think about what that life has meant, and what they will leave behind. Those thoughts often get people thinking about what does happen when they die. This may be what inspires many people to think about some kind of higher power or divine force who, perhaps, rewards us for a life well-lived (or conversely punishes for a life lived badly), or who might be available to help make the transition.
When people think of their mortality, most don’t want to be alone as they make that transition to the other side. That’s when someone might turn to spirituality and/or religion for support. People know instinctively that no human will be with them as they cross over, but perhaps the divine will be there...

Tsha-Tsha; Miniature Clay Stupas...

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