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Abby Scotland  In memory of Abby, sleep peacefully sweetheart . This account has been laid to rest. Thankyou for loving our daughter x

I am simply devouring this book. A novel of pure liquid poetry, gentle, insightful, innocent, cavernous, heart swelling and equally fracturing. Eleanor Oliphant, you are completely fine, you are simply brave enough to orate the literal fears we all hold within. 'There are days when l feel so lightly connected to the earth that the threads that tether me to the planet are gossamer thin, spun sugar' - 'ln the end what matters is this, l survived' . A must read 🙏 xxx Amanda (Abbys sis)

The final brave, wise words from the mouth of a babe. I can't flamming imagine the pain ya family are feeling kiddo but hells bells ya did the bravest thing ya knew how ta teach us all the lesson we needed ta bloody learn. Sleep now Dolly lovie, and know that the world has heard ya sweet girl and ya echo is strong x Abs Dad

All you folk out there lm bloody begging ya teach ya kids that bullying other kids aint ok cause this is what happens, this beautiful little soul aint earth side no more. Its the bloody easiest thing in the world ta teach kindness, it costs nowt and ya need bugger all grey matter ta impart it. I only know this lassie from the pictures in me farming mags where her little face beamed up at me from the adverts and now shes no more and me old mans heart is bloody busted all over again. I aint up with all these hashtag thingies but maybe you young lot can take up the cause for me eh and spread the word cause its gotta bloody stop. A dad aint meant ta bury his daughter x Abs dad

Happy New Year to all Abbys gorgeous Instagram Angels. Thankyou for your continued love and endless support. We are blessed. Dad and l hope you all have a year brim full of love, health and happiness. To Mumma, Claudia, & the twins Phoebe & Abby, we miss you every day but we know the tears on our cheeks are your kisses from heaven & you smother us daily. To Claire Bear; thankyou for stepping in for my children when l couldnt; l hope they are behaving themselves.. & to my two..you are the light left in our lives, the hope left in our hearts, we love & miss you with such an ache but l know you are having the time of your young lives. Just dont get lost in New York on New Years - please! Thats a mummy order!! With so much love to each & everyone of you, thankyou for continuing to touch our lives x Amanda & Dad (Bill) c/o the dog house 😂

Eh so l reckon l might sit this Christmas out eh and catch ya all up next year but lve enjoyed looking at all ya lovely Christmas photos and l thank ya for sharing ya loved ones joy so openly with me eh. Bless ya all kids and for all the good folk that have got empty chairs at the table this Christmas me heart bloody busts for ya cause bugger me it hurts like nothing else eh . Merry christmas me kiddos, behave ya selves. All me love x Bill

Ive waited a flamming long time ta wake up ta this news. Karen lovie l never met ya but lm bloody sorry l couldnt stop this happening to ya. It just aint right and me hearts busted all over again. Blokes shouldn't ever flamming lay a hand on their Missus or daughters. Ya just dont bloody hurt women, not bloody ever . Makes me ashamed ta be bloke. I hope ya can rest easy now Karen lovie, and ta Sarah , ya living a nightmare kiddo and lm real sorry lovie; but l reckon l know ya good ma is watching over ya cause me girls were bloody adament heavens got windows. X Abs dad

You bloody flamming ripper, about flamming time. I dunno what our girls woulda grown up ta be, or who they woulda loved but l tell ya they should of had every right ta love whoever they wanted and they should have had every right ta be treated equally. I reckon heavens a real happy place today cause we raised our girls ta love unconditionally and they would be flamming dancing in the clouds with me marg looking down on this. And from the mouth of a babe, as Abby once said ta us 'how can love ever be a bad thing'. X Abs dad

In this day and age l dunno why we even have ta debate this crap. It aint rocket science its a bloody no brainer. Love is flamming love eh but whatever happens in a few minutes time. Ya aint alone and bugger me if its a no then we just keep flamming fighting . Our hearts aint born with prejudices , and as a society we gotta lot ta answer for for raising our kids with prejudices. We're all bloody equal regardless of colour , creed, abilities, appearance or sexual orientation and everybodys gotta right ta be loved and respected in all their beautiful entirities. Eh and l hope ya all know how flamming hard it was for this bloody old tough soldier ta whack up a picture of rainbows and clouds on the flamming gram. Streuth lm risking being the laughing stock of the army. Me reputations in a shambles posting cartoons with faces on em but some things are bloody worth it eh. X Abs dad


In memory of Marg. Called home Sunday 27th August 2017. Da and l are broken. We cant believe so much 'heart' & 'goodness' has gone from this earth. Fly free mumma 💔

Eh just ta let ya all know we ave decided its time ta shut down Abbys gram. This page has sustained us for a very long time and every single one of you have blessed us with more than you will ever flamming know. Ya have welcomed us inta ya lives and shown us that in our darkest days complete strangers can hold ya hand. As a family we ave decided ta leave our Abby here in your trusted hearts where hopefully she will continue ta shine. God bless each and everyone of ya eh. We are indebted x bill, marg and panda . To Abby, its time ta let ya go for good now sweetheart our hearts are bloody busted but we gotta get on with the living eh, just as ya woulda wanted us too. You keep dancing up there with ya two sisters. One day, ya ma, ya big sis and l will be able ta hold the three of ya again, but until then heavens gunna cradle ya and keep ya safe. Our 3 Cystic Fibrosis angels will always be our warriors. X Abs dad

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