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Abbey Jordan  Welcome home.

The Broad? Closed! MOCA? Closed! The bookstore at MOCA? Open. $5 for an hour on a parking meter? Uuuuuugh.

Before and after.

I see Ellie (center) 3x's a week and everyday she asks me w/o irony "you hab a boyfrehnd?". She then laughs and says "one day you gon to hab it." She also tells me that she has a husband. I know this, though because when we met four months ago, she told me that.

These crackers are vegetables, raw activated cegetable vrackers. Just doing my part for international woman's day.

TFW you just became the wrong guys "type".

I was in India for a month, watching from afar as @hollywoodboulders posted about new climbs and equipment, but NOT ONCE did they promote the new box of free tampons in the women's room.
There was a woman behind me while I took this picture who just didn't get it. Even though I laughed by myself as an invitation, like "aren't our bodies funny?!".

Had a bunch of left over green papaya. Made a Thai version with whole roasted cauliflower... Tofu steaks in the oven. Then I took a picture because if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around- am I worthy? You know?

Tandoori chicken (sans food coloring), green papaya thoran and coconut rice with curry leaves and lal mirch chilies.

Back from India.

I am on a long layover in Bengaluru. I spent an hour or so on the beach in Varkala before my flight. I wanted to refresh the sweet tan I neglected while at the ashram for a week. I was running late. I frantically flagged a rickshaw from the train station to the airport. When the driver dropped me off, I had barely made it. I said "goodbye friend" and we shook hands. So relieved. I barely made it- to the wrong airport. The domestic airport was 5 kilometers away. I didn't even know what that meant. I walked like a maniac through the airport departure driveway, to I didn't even know where. Aimlessly, I tried flagging down a regular car while exclaiming "fuck" every yard until I started weeping. A man ran up to me from the taxi service and got me into a cab. I was already convulsing, so I went with it. I have been reading about not meddling with what arises so I can be "boldly vulnerable". When we got to the correct airport, the driver and I shared a look. I wasn't apologetic and he wasn't condescending. I made my flight. I was upgraded to first class. Before taking off I snuck into the "lavatory" (culture!) and snapped this photo. I said I would post another selfie. The ashram gave me white powder for my forehead, which would really pop against my tan, but I don't have it in me to "joke" with the flight attendants.

We aren't supposed to take photos inside the ashram. This was my last sunset here. I travel south along this Arabian Sea and will play in and near it for a couple hours before boarding a plane and the three after that in a truly grueling travel itinerary. Nothing else to say. I'll prolly post one more selfie.

My last day in the Ashram! There are 3000 people here. The majority are French. My thoughts are in French. My French friend took this. We mostly speak French because his English is bad. Those are his cigarettes. I don't smoke, but I smell terrible.

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