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Abigail Katsen Toner  Little teapot.

Happy Valentine's Day from the neighbor I share a bedroom wall with. He is playing all of this loud enough for me to be able to soundhound it.

Now I wake him up with my daily battle against maternity compression pantyhose.

when you ask your friends to make you Beyoncé and they're like "sure."

Me. Newborn. Almost 11 pounds. #tbt. Please don't get any ideas, baby Toner.

Great news: Nasty Women and Bad Hombres make cute babies. 📸: @wabisabi8

Just a coupla #nastywomen #womensmarch

Back from our mini babymoon. We took a road trip up the coast. We got to spend time together, (rare, since we have opposite schedules.) make plans, and imagine our future while taking in our beautiful state. I took a lot of photos of nature but I think this one is the most beautiful because duh, shoulder dog. Also re: Babymoon road trip - I forgot to consider how often pregnant ladies pee. Thank you to the Starbucks of the California coast for not having codes on your bathrooms.

Shout out to Alexander Allen who bought this land in 1933 to protect it after it was zoned and approved to be residentially developed. The most beautiful hike I've ever been on.

K thx Mother Nature.