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Abbi Morley  Eurasian. Vegetarian 🌿🐰. Collector & creator. 🌊🌸 📍Hong Kong

*moodily looks into the camera

Going through old photos and I found this glorious gem. Isn’t mcbb bloody lovely? 💕

When your new flat is just drowning you in delicious lighting, you could just lick it all up. 👅🌞

🎶I guess your eyes said enough, I guess your sigh said enough🎶

On world adventures with my best friends: Please sir, may I have some more?

#instahusband : @iamzacksalonga

The sweetest menace 💕

One more, because I’m really nostalgic today 😭🙈

#throwback to beautiful Paris 🥖🥐

Missing #homesterdam 💕 😭😂

Mon amour, tu me manques.
We’ll always have Paris💕

My Pom is so photogenic, my god. #tod