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Abigail Breslin  plz don't laugh at me or make me cry.


Soooo.... Ya. It’s happening. :) 👍🏻 #littlerockaintsolittle #Z2 #thisisnotadrill

Gizmo is forever my mood.

super fun gettin’ to record the past 2 days with @hotelapache who I’ve been fans of for such a long time! Awesome musicians and dudes... and as you can tell we were recording in the most technologically savvy studio (my living room) using cutting edge tools (such as my bed bug protector and my unicorn onesie)... needless to say, stoked for y’all to hear what we’ve been working on!!! #datvocalbooththo

(when you’re trying to figure out a casual caption for becoming a member of The Academy but there’s nothing casual about it and you have zero chill and are honored beyond comprehension.)

Ok if anyone thinks this kind of treatment is at ALLL acceptable, I ask you plz unfollow me. #inhumane #disgusting

there was glitter in my hair in this photo cuz EDC... there is still glitter in my hair from this night cuz glitter... never... goes... away. 📸: @noelle_diane

To me I’m the most hilarious person of all time. That’s what matters, folks. That’s what matters.

Imagine a messenger bird(if those still existed) delivering this.

“This mess ? Not me I swear.”

RIP Paul Bloch. You were my first publicist and a beloved genius in this industry. Thank you for all the work you’ve done and for the kind and wonderful man you were ❤️ my heart, mind and prayers go out to Mr. Bloch’s family and colleagues

Rest In Peace, Mr. Bloch. You will be missed but surely not forgotten. 🙏🏻 #RIPPaulBloch