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in honor of my Maw, I attempted my first Sudoku puzzle on my flight home last night...something I’d never choose to do on my own accord. I wished she was next to me with her gentle guidance and steady pride (although my own mother stepped in to save the day). It’s been one year without our Maw, and I miss the littlest things. Her hands, the way she held her pencil, and how quickly she could solve puzzles like these. It’s funny how the things we so easily overlook can end up being the things we miss the most. She was a master at noticing and listening and remembering. I miss her everyday.
I’ll likely never do Sudoku again, but this “warm-up” was for you, Maw💕

it’s been a rainy Monday birthday & all the Thai restaurants in Macon are closed💔but we’re still #twinning 🤗 happy bday big sis. I love you! #twintysix

made it to Macon and finally met my puppy sister!! Junie do u love me

“I remember that the answers aren’t necessarily as important as the questions & the company, and that if we do find answers, we’ll find them together.” -Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist
these gals help me find the answers. and this weekend was MUCH NEEDED <3 miss y’all already

get me back to Oregon.

annual Tubbs spring break pic of me and the only fish I caught all week🙄 #thisaintmysport #fishingwithpaw

update: she’s still worth every penny!! #collegedebtforlife #roomieforlife #singsong2018

i’ve always said that if I ever, for some reason, lose my memory...his music will be the thing that brings it back. @boniver, your songs & sounds have healing power. thanks for sharing with me.

an oldie but a goodie... because I sat and watched this cicada emerge from its shell(!!!), and nature always surprises me with its reoccurring theme of new life & new beginnings. I love these reminders that endings are often where we start from. In 2017, I finally welcomed and embraced change. In 2018, I aim to start living/writing my own story without worrying about the expectations of others. Happy new year, friends. #shedyourskin

7 years ago, this strong, creative, wonderful woman welcomed me into her perfect little flower shop, hired me after one short (but sweet) conversation, and quickly became one of my greatest inspirations. Life has an unfortunate way of tearing people & things apart, but it also has a pretty neat way of bringing people back together. After 5 years, she's back in Austin, and we get to talk flowers, and business, and life! How cool is time?!? I love you, @elizabeth.marvin! #fullcirclesaremyjam

tired, dirty hands. refreshed, encouraged spirit.
tonight I'm feeling extra thankful for my little business and the people who support it, love me, and believe in this dream. I want to remember these words forever. #youhavewhatittakes #happythanksgiving

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