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Outfit Trying for Manchester this weekend❤️ Can’t wait!!!😍

Long Well Deserved Soak, After Work & Gym😴😴

Lash Lift & Tint Models wanting for this week only!!!! 😍 Discounted treatment! I am based in a salon in Elsecar. This treatment takes approximately 1 hour❤️ I am discounted this treatment at just £23!

Welcome To the 7 Day Detox Raffle! I have some spaces already been filled up quickly! £1 a number! To win this kit which is originally worth £55! Get the brighter and confident smile you always wanted!!😁 Please check in the comments the numbers that already have been taken. Thank you once all the numbers are full I will then ask for payments and draw the raffle! Good luck💋

I am looking for models! To have Semi Permanent Eyelashes at a discounted price at just £25 for this week!

I have been lashing for over a year and have now purchased some new products which have been recommended by many lash technicians! That I cannot wait to try!
If you’d like to be my model please comment below or message me directly. These eyelashes last up to 2 weeks or longer if well maintained and will take just under 2 hours to complete❤️ I am in the salon ready to lash Wednesday-Saturday This week👀

Okay.... So I get these crazy ideas constantly about how to make the house more cozy I constantly change it round but I think I have gone too far 😂

I have switched my bedroom to my old beauty room which is so much more smaller but so cozier joe has no idea and is at work I couldn’t manage to fit the bed frame through the door so a mattress will have to do for the night until I dismantle it all my other room is now a dressing room and storage. I’ve already pre warned joe and offered to treat him to a takeaway for the inconvience😂🙈 I’m crazy!

The view from our new bedroom window is so much nicer though 😍

Who here has a sweet tooth😍? I know I do!! With it been my first day at the salon I have some treats for my lovely clients , who ever books an appointment with me tomorrow as a thank you , will get a sweet treat from me with a hot or cold beverage ❤️ 10:30am-1:30pm & 2:30pm-5.15pm

Lash Extensions😍

All Set Up & Ready to go at salon this week 😍

When you split your sofa in half 😂 Hope joe doesn’t notice after work haha🙈 Love a change round when I’ve done a full house clean😍

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