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My kids are terrified of policemen for some reason, most likely because people always say to them, “if you’re naughty the policeman will get you!” 🤦🏼‍♀️ Now I’m having to explain to them that policemen aren’t scary and that if we ever need help, that’s who we call. I also had to explain that there is such a thing as a policeWOMAN (which they didn’t believe - they’ve never seen one in real life) but now thanks to the new #NeverBeforeBarbie AFP Barbie, I can show them! How wonderful is it that @Barbie is inspiring young girls and women that you really CAN be anything? I actually think this will be one of many perfect career choices for Arlo, she’s not even two but she’s tough as nails and has no problem letting you know who’s boss! 👮🏼‍♀️ #ThatsOfficerArloToYou #YouCanBeAnything #Partner

Happy birthday to my soul sister 👯‍♀️ I couldn’t love you anymore if I tried. Thanks for bringing so much love and laughter into my life, I adore the hell out of you. Have the best day today, you deserve it my little Chump box. Xxxxxx

After a long weekend hosting an event on the Gold Coast I came home last night dreading organising dinner only to remember I had a box of @hellofreshau goodness waiting for me! Greek Chicken bring it on! Use my code ABBY50 and get 50% off your first order #HelloFreshAU #MmmmChicken 🍗

He said he’s had the best sleeps since I’ve been gone, but I know he secretly misses me 🙊❤️ #rightleighroy

“A strong woman stands up for herself, a stronger woman stands up for others”. 💥 That is a wrap!! Thank you girls for being apart of LYS and giving us a piece of you. I feel through these workshops we are really unlocking that fear of sharing and welcoming everyone as they are (painful experiences and all!) Whilst people are selective in who they stand up for, it’s great to see you girls supporting us and trusting in our workshops and our message, it really does mean a lot. 💖💖 @clairhillcoaching_ @sarahmerrettstyling @___laurenkate #LYS #LoveYoSelf

Day 2 Gold Coast - let’s go! 👊🏼❤️ #LOVEYOSELF

There are some REALLY shit people in this world (good ones too, hi 🙊) Ain’t that the truth huh? And whilst it’s SO easy to be a shit person too, DONT . “Always be the better person. And make your intentions pure” - Man that first part stands out like dogs balls to me!! I always tell people if your intention is pure and what your doing serves a greater purpose then YOU, you’ll always be of value to someone else which is so much more to me then being “successful” with myself being the only person gaining. ❤️💁🏼‍♀️ #abbyswordsofwisdom #yourewelcome #inspired

“Love Yo Self” crew this weekend. Energy speaks volumes and today was out of this world 💖 Thanks for being apart of the journey girls, I too loved listening to you @sarahmerrettstyling @___laurenkate! xxxxx #loveyoselfgoldcoast

GOODIE BAGS 👛 We love a good goodie bag! Made possible by the generous small business’ listed below 🙊 HUGE thank you to @asprinkleontop_ @neoandco.com.au @thelipindulgence @everlyafter.com.au @live.eat.move @kikki.k @blue_alchemy @oliveandthyme_soycandles your support is always appreciated 💖🤩 xx #goldcoast #loveyoself

It’s your weekend with your Dad, so leaving isn’t quite as hard this time although missing you never stops! You know what makes me feel a bit better tho? The fact that I get to go away and add value to someone else’s life.. Each time I’m away doing this incredibly moving job, I come home a better version of myself. I learn SO much more, and I get to share that with you little darlings. 👭 Pain isn’t so bad, it’s really insightful and life changing, I learnt my best lessons in my darkest days so I hope that can be of use to anyone without light at the moment ❤️❤️ #GOLDCOAST #LOVEYOSELF #ONTHEROAD

They can be anything!! Thanks to Never Before Barbie, our little girls can now see, and aspire to leadership positions that are so often dominated by males. Like Milla here, who wants to be the first girl on the moon 👩‍🚀 “
#NeverBeforeBarbie #YouCanBeAnything #Partner

• A girl should be two things; WHO and WHAT she wants 💖 #internationalwomensday

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