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It's actually rather confronting 'un-becoming' who you were. It's almost like I worked for a solid 24 years to be THIS person and now it all has to change? I don't like change. It scares me. That's all i'm constantly faced with at the moment though and when everything seems settled and on track change just comes knocking again and scares the pants off me. I'm settled in new ways that I love, but there is still so much I crave and want back. It's all part of the journey I guess, I'm learning to love it all again. Very very slowly i know it will all come back, just differently & better! ☕️🎧 #quote #change

👸🏽👸🏼 #cousinlove

My princess 👸🏼 #Milla

SISTER, SISTER 💞 #myworld

It might be 3 years between visits, sometimes longer, the group is forever growing and becoming even more difficult to work out relations BUT when the time comes for a photo opportunity we absolutely nail it 👌🏼☘️🌨📸 #allthewayfromireland #family

Abby thought she was very funny.. Haylea did not think Abby was very funny at all... 😂🙅🏼 LOL #northheidelbergfc #ladiesday #guestspeaker

SISTER 💞 because I love you and you're a sweetie xx @dannig05 #newcamera #oooooooh

Thank you @northheidelbergsc for having me and @hayleacooney5 today!! You where a fabulous crowd to entertain 💜 How hots this babe?? @shayniem !! We watched a little bit @boomer.29 I swear 😂☺️

My first time at @pidapipo_gelateria was definitely a great one! Nutella swirl, ohhhhh my god YUM 🙄❤️ #shredding #🛥 #SOGO @emsayers @meggrbac

It's finally that, I feel sick to my stomach kind of love. 💜 First night in bed with Mumma, she's just always been one of those "likes her own bed" kind of babies. But tonight I'm one of those "need to cuddle you right now" kind of mums.. and I love it !! 😘 #goodnight #mybabygirl

IMPLANON 🤔 I can't decide if I'm eating for 6 because it's winter and I always over indulge when it's cold.. or because of the implanon?? I feel funny for saying it but that was one of the side effects lol!! It's also really itchy at the moment which is doing my head in!! Tell me your experiences please women.. the plan is to figure it out before I'm the size of a house 🙋🏼 #implanon

@craftercise 🌟 Making a rainy miserable day SO much fun. Love seeing the girls get their hands dirty, and I LOVE that I don't have to clean it up 😂🙈See you next week!! #craftercise #sisters #messyplay

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