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he told me we could get beans after if i made it to the top

paul two timed me w/ a boy!!! wya @_nalfonso

this is callie, she has pet birds so that makes callie a bird and if callies a bird then I am a bird and if I am a bird then all my friends are birds so here it goes: sophia's a woodpecker, shelby's a pelican, morgans a bald eagle, cathys a flamingo, kaits a peacock, sophie's a penguin & jills a cardinal.

sophia's tan & jills burnt, what's new

the two in the front wish they were in our family...#fambamturkey&ham!!!

my mom's number one,
my friends are number two and we're gonna beat the whoopsie outta you

my mom told me I was her favorite bridesmaid🤔

last supper!!!

everybody break your sunglasses and start a new trend with me

christian balls hard

if you're not first you're last, someone's gotta say it

Craig thinks he’s the king of the ladies but I’m the king of this jungle!!!

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