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Barbarian | Barbra Ignatiev  Hand-painted art for the wild-at-heart. Oakland, CA. Adventure, dance and art are my life.


In case I run into an elephant seal on the beach these leggies will help me relate to them more. A fine talking point. πŸ˜† Ok maybe not. My butt half looks cool though! And trustworthy. 🐘 // #barbarianinthewild #elephantlove #sharemysociety6

New #mermaid skin in the works! It also has a bit of a feather feel which I think is fun. Fffffff. See those pens? They are "Bic for Her" pens. A ridiculous present from my husband years ago. We laughed at them. It turns out they are really great and I finally feel like a woman after using them. Thanks, Bic! You know how to turn a woman on. #wip #bts #bicforher #mermaidforlife #mermaids

Bird-of-paradise plants live all over my neighborhood in Oakland and they always make me feel so tropical and chill whenever I see them. Ahhh. // Download this one for your phone via link in profile or www.ifneedb.com #birdofparadise #craneflower #tropical

Sure do love me some #toucans these days! Grab these guys for your phone and shop them on pillows, totes and beach towels via link in profile or www.ifneedb.com They need names - suggestions! Fred and Gillian? Tacita and Franco?

We just booked our tickets and I’m ready to sit on beautiful beaches and dip my bod into clear blue waters. Ahhh. See ya soon, Hawaii! // download and shop this new #Hawaii inspired print via link in profile or www.ifneedb.com 🌿

Zero complaints about this beach and even the port-o-potty that this view is taken from. Prime! Best port-o-let thus far. The youthful girls ahead of me in line would disagree but they were young and have yet to go in a lot of potties in their days. This is the wisdom and experience age brings. #adventuring #beachlife #montara #norcal #behappywhereyouare

My favorite kind of hiking is beach hiking. In dreamy #mermaid pants, no less. Well the less might be in NO pants but that just isn't my style. Maybe one day! Maybe I could tattoo my entire legs in scale pattern then. Oh shit, that'd hurt. Yes yes pants will do for now. #barbarianinthewild Shop via link in profile 🌊

Happy Thursday πŸ˜† I've been busy not painting but trying to rest my arm from over usage. Something about looking at #flowers and nature in general just reminds one to chill the eff out. Ahhhhhhh. #lilies

Oh dear I nearly stepped on her merboob! Glad I did not. #mermaid #mermaidforlife #adventuring

Moody hues of #indigo take you under the deep dark sea. This #mermaid skin print inspires me to never live a shallow life but one of emotional depth, always aiming to do my best and enjoy every moment, however crappy and however wonderful. 🐟 Download and shop this one via link in profile or www.ifneedb.com and swipe left to see it on leggings and new floor pillows (which I am STOKED about) and more.

Always makes me super happy to see my little Foo ball be all chillax and enjoy her surroundings. I think she loves it when we vacuum and get flowers and re-org things. Just like a little lady does. #studiocat

Tory thinks everyone is his friend these days and maybe that is the way to go about life. Let other birds in with a wide open beak and yet trust your quick instincts. If something smells like rotting fruit it is probably unwise to eat it. πŸ₯ This #toucan friend is available as art prints and throw pillows via link in profile or www.ifneedb.com

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