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Barbarian | Barbra Ignatiev  Colorful art for the wild-at-heart. Oakland, CA. Adventure, dance and art are my life. Making and sharing new hand-painted prints weekly.


Working on a detailed #mermaid print for ladies that like that #paisley vibe. I recently found out I like paisley. I resisted it for a long time and then finally was like "dammit this paisley stuff is great. They look like cute little swimmy zygotes." Fun to paint too! #wip #mermaidlife

I love a painterly floral (obvs) and I got wild with this one. Hopefully it carries you away to your ideal place where dancing is a replacement for walking and cozy, zingy chai tea is always brewing. // Download and shop this #floralprint via link in profile or www.ifneedb.com 💗💗💗

Mmmmmmoysters! Wet oysters. Mmm. New print for next week. #beachlife #oysters #watercolor

I sorta feel like this #toucan guy today. My eyes just don't want to open up! My dreams have been weird and I wish I could remember them to find out what they're all about. Maybe they are telling me I need to play with acrylic again? I remember that being fun! Just like this guy was oh so long ago. 🌴#sketchbook #tropicalvibes

What the #shell! This #mermaid print is the shelliest one thus far. Sand dollars, clam shells and shells I just made up appear in a decorative fashion. I am a shell out and am completely OK with it. 😉 🌊🌴#beachlife Download and shop via link in profile or www.ifneedb.com and start daydreaming NOW. (Bossy)

Remembering that time I found pretty OK #beach real estate. It doesn't keep the wind out very well but has great views of mermaids and whales. Still looking! Scarf from my @redbubble shop - it's so frothy, like the #sea. #barbarianinthewild #mermaidlife

This #floral dances like it’s on friggin’ vacation. Let it all goooo. // Download and shop via link in profile or www.ifneedb.com and have a glorious day 💗

I've been letting my mind wander and painting #mandalas - this one turned into an 8-point star which apparently has meaning in various cultures and ideologies. I just think it looks cool as a floor pillow and want to leave it's meaning up to the viewer. 😁 Happy Monday! #eightpointstar Shop and download via link in profile or www.ifneedb.com.

"Happy Easter if you celebrate that sort of thing," said a crabby cashier lady to me yesterday. Some times crabby people delight me. Haha. I want to hug them. Anyway may you have a good day today. These #fabergeeggs I painted quite a while ago but I love them.

Ooooo pretty #beach #mandala. I am INSPIRED. How the heck did they do this without stepping on it?! Aliens! #mystical

Really into making #mermaid skins and mandalas lately so if that's what yer into - stick around. Can't stop, won't stop. Except I will for today. My arm hurts - I need to go flail it around just like a mermaid should.

New #mermaid print has eyeballs in it. Yeah. Sure. Why not? #wip #watercolor #allknowingeye #allseeingeye

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