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Avalon  UCM 🎓 "Believe that dreams come true everyday, because they do" One Tree Hill

My parents are my whole social life #winchestermysteryhouse #tb #fam

Ten year challenge my sis and I when we were 12 and 14 to now 22 and 24 #tenyearchallenge #timeflies

Hope next year is better than this one but this one was one for the books #topnine #newyearseve

Happy birthday to my twisted sister I hope you had a good day at work thx for being there through the good and especially the bad I will always be grateful for the day you came into my life idk where I would be without you so this is more of a thank you post than a Birthday one Ilysm my Christina to my Meredith #happybirthday

Carnival of Pink 2018 so happy to be done planning now I can relax #repost #cac #cacofficers

Orange — I support the cause and a vision of a world without Alzheimer's. #alzheimersawareness #alzheimerswalk2018

Historical moment the first cat I ever bonded with and it was an interesting experience since I’m allergic #inamedhertina #bobsburgers

I think my sis has a selfie addiction I have so many #tb #boston #springbreak