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Ashley Baker  Burberry Beauty at Saks Fifth Avenue NYC

“We’re not going to be f-ing suck this year!” 👌❤️💙❤️💙 #Gr8 #Ovi #ALLCAPS

After spending the day at the Stanley Cup parade in DC (7:30am-2:30pm)... I’ve learned 3 things for when we win it again next year 😉... 1) bring chairs, 2) bring lots of water and snacks and 3) don’t wear a shirt that’s going to give you embarrassing tan lines 😂#stanleycupchampions2018 #ALLCAPS #RocktheRed #Sunburnt

The fan zone!!!! 💙❤️💙❤️ #ALLCAPS @pamparovi

The parade starts in 2 hours. We’ve been here for 2 hours already. And the crowd continues to grow!!! This is what an estimated 100,000++ people looks like! ❤️💙❤️💙.... what did I get myself into?? Lmao @pamparovi #ALLCAPS #STANLEYCUPPARADE

Well if this doesn’t explain my work fam idk what does 😂🙌 #burberrybeauties #s5a #saksbeauty #chanelevent @dnisseheartsu @leonelh89

Come visit the Burberry Beauty team on 2 at the Saks NYC Flagship Store on 5th Avenue!!


I feel like the “Florida Man” category should get a higher percentage 😂 #floridaproblems

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