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Loving the keto life. Have barely started adding cardio but have been getting leaner by the week. Loving the energy and don’t miss the crash and headaches is get if I didn’t eat every 2-3 hours with carbs. I have a cheat meal every once in a while to maintain my sanity but overall I’m loving it. @jason.wittrock @goodybeats @ketobrick @keto.connect @ketochefmax @ketotransformations @ndmedcenter @mynutritiondepot @total_nutrition_friendswood @totalnutritionhouston @nfl

This ribeye was amazing for dinner tonight. Seared in a cast iron skillet and basted with butter and thyme... delicious and I served it with a vegetable medley, topped with a cheese sauce. Absolutely loving the keto life! @redcon1 @redcon1tieroperators @ndmedcenter @mynutritiondepot @total_nutrition_friendswood @totalnutritionsuperstores @totalnutritionhouston @totalnutritiongreenway @nfl @wwe @ketotransformations @jason.wittrock @goodybeats

I always try to stay at my highest state of readiness, even before bed. Here we have the free shaker I received with my end of the month deal I took advantage of from RedCon1 and in it, a keto-friendly protein shake with heavy whipping cream and natural raw peanut butter. So far the keto diet has been treating me well, leaner and still going heavy at the gym to utilize the creative phosphate system rather than the glycogen system. So low reps but heavy weight. So far so good! @planetfitness @redcon1 @redcon1tieroperators @redcon1_frontline @wwe @nfl @redcon1sa

Get this deal now before it ends!! Ends this Saturday at midnight! Just use the link in my bio to go to RedCon1.com and use checking it code: END25 to save 25% off your order. @totalnutritionhouston @totalnutritionsuperstores @total_nutrition_friendswood @wwe @nfl @redcon1_frontline @redcon1tieroperators @ndmedcenter @mynutritiondepot @redcon1

The one and ONLY end of mind nth deal is back and boy is it back in style!! Save 25% off your entire order when you use the code END25
If you spend $50 or more you will get a free RedCon1 shaker as well as YOUR choice of either red or black RedCon1 gym bag. This deal is HUGE guys and I’ve already taken advantage, now it’s your turn! Get to your highest state of readiness this summer! Deal ends midnight Saturday night so act now!! Use the link in my bio then the code END25 at checkout to save 25% your order! @mynutritiondepot @ndmedcenter @redcon1 @redcon1tieroperators @redcon1_frontline @redcon1sa @jason.wittrock @nfl @wwe @houseofnutritiontx @total_nutrition_friendswood @totalnutritionsuperstores @totalnutritionhouston

Enjoying that Keto life. Swipe for a couple of our favs. Taco soup, pancakes eggs and bacon and then an amazing keto friendly pizza. Let me know if you want the recipes for these but so far I’ve noticed myself getting leaner but strength hasn’t dropped too much in the gym though training is more intense yet shorter. Energy levels are good enough to carry me through a 12-24hr shift at the restaurant. Key poor here is hydration and I always have my water with liquid electrolytes and liquid potassium in it close by my to ensure I am hydrated. Still a long way to go but I’m loving the dietary and visual changes thus far. @jason.wittrock @goodybeats @nfl @wwe @mynutritiondepot @ndmedcenter @redcon1 @total_nutrition_friendswood @redcon1tieroperators @redcon1_frontline @redcon1sa @ktx_nutrition @ketotransformations

My Keto-supplement staples. Ask me any questions below and I’ll be happy to explain. The two slender blue bottles are liquid electrolytes and potassium which I adds to my water jug and drink over the course of the day, including my workout and it makes a huge difference for sure in how I feel. The bottle on top of the total way is my MCT oil. I do take protein powder as well, a blend so the release is over a period of time. So far so good, the Keto is real!! @ketotransformations @totalnutritionhouston @total_nutrition_friendswood @nfl @wwe @species_gym @ndmedcenter @redcon1

So the wife @constance111 and I have officially started the ketogenic diet this week and so far it’s been rough but good as we slowly learn and develop what are go-to snacks meals etc will be. This is my personal go to meal: 4oz ground beef
Turmeric, salt, pepper and 1tbs coconut oil
1 handful of spinach and diced up 1 zucchini and sautéed with 1tbs of butter and 1tbs of olive oil and garlic salt
This is absolutely keto friendly and delicious. I will go over my supplementation in the next post but I took my pre-workout with some added MCT oil and added electrolytes and potassium to my water that I sipped on throughout my back workout. @jason.wittrock @redcon1 @redcon1 @species_gym @ndmedcenter @mynutritiondepot @wwe @nfl @total_nutrition_friendswood @totalnutritionhouston @ketotransformations

“You gotta fight through the pain, to get to the top
You gotta push through it all, if it’s what you want
Screaming this is a call to the dreamers
Dig a little deeper, make ‘em believers”
-I Prevail. Amazing album by this band, great songs to drive down the freeway and to the gym. This song I have listened to many times over the past several days and gets me pumped everyone I hear it. Check it out and also, don’t forget to take advantage of the 25% off the entire store this Memorial Day weekend at RedCon1.com! Click the link in my bio and use the code: VET25 💪🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸 @redcon1 @redcon1tieroperators @redcon1_scandinavia @redcon1nederland @shieldsofstrength @mynutritiondepot @swoleoclock @species_gym @ndmedcenter

Today, tomorrow and Sunday save 25% on your entire order when you use the code VET25. Plus, on top of that all orders $50 or more will receive the EXCLUSIVE Memorial TEE for FREE! Use the link in my bio and go capitalize on this now! 💪🏻💯🇺🇸 @redcon1 @redcon1tieroperators @redcon1_scandinavia @redcon1nederland @shieldsofstrength @mynutritiondepot @ndmedcenter @nfl

Back day was 🔥🔥🔥 pump and energy fueled by the best, RedCon1. Use the link in my bio and get your supplements and swag today. @redcon1 @redcon1tieroperators @redcon1_scandinavia @redcon1nederland @shieldsofstrength @shieldsofstrength @ndmedcenter @mynutritiondepot

Absolutely spot on here. Believe and you will achieve. Rise and grind. It may be Monday but it is a new day and a new week. Set your goals, write them down and conquer them. Never settle and never back down. And always remember, take the high road every time! 💪🏻💯 @swoleoclock @species_gym @ndmedcenter @mynutritiondepot @shieldsofstrength @redcon1 @redcon1tieroperators @redcon1_scandinavia @redcon1nederland

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