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Chocolate and vanilla 🍫🍦

When you become accustomed to privileges, equality seems like oppression.

I do not tolerate injustice and hate and that's why I stand with the Native Americans - the rightful owners of this land - and say #NoDAPL and #IStandWithStandingRock

That is why, if and/or when a wall is built, I will stand by the Latino community and help tear it down, brick by brick, screaming #NoHumanisIllegal #DefendDaca

That is why I will protect the Jewish people from anti Semitic rhetoric and honor those who suffered the horrific consequences of religious intolerance on #HolocaustRemembranceDay

That is why I will protest and #TakeAKnee with the Black community, until everyone realizes #BlackLivesMatter
That is why I will support those disabled and/or part of the LGBT community because #LoveTrumpsHate

That is why I support the rights of myself and all other women - we are the future #WomensMarch

That is why I fight for refugees, so they can have equal opportunities and the right to live, free from persecution #RegugeesWelcome #PrayforSyria #FreePalestine #HelpBurma #SaveYemen

That is why I will stand, arms linked, with my Muslim brothers and sisters, because we deserve a place to live when our homes are consistently being bombed and torn apart by this government. Because we deserve to be with the people we love, despite it being prevented by the #MuslimBan

That is why I stand with the oppressed, because all humans deserve equality and justice - freedom for all. We will resist. We will fight. We will not back down. We will not stop. #NotMyPresident

It was lit ✨

I made a new friend 👹#frightfest

When humanity is at risk, you don't get to pick and choose which tragedies you pray for - they all matter. Hate has viciously blinded people in doing so and they have nobody to blame but themselves. A person's race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc shouldn't matter when they are suffering basic human rights violations and struggling to maintain a regular life. We can't keep profiling and stereotyping groups of people and not feeling any sympathy for them when they are the victims of terrorism. Every time there is an attack, I have seen people reach out to those countries - myself included. But I have hardly ever seen them reach out when it's a Muslim country. Everyone that knows me knows how passionate and vocal I am about injustices and I have had enough with people keeping quiet. I speak for those who have no voice. I speak for the victims of police brutality. I speak for the police who have had their names tarnished because of those who abused their powers. I speak for the Palestinians, Syrians, Yemenis, Afghanis, and Turks who are being murdered while the world stays silent. I speak for the Iraqis and Iranians who are dying while being shunned. I speak for the Muslims of Burma whose massacre isn't being acknowledged. I speak for the millions of refugees in the African continent who are being ignored when our help is needed most. And today, as a proud Pakistani, I speak for my country, a victim of terror. #PrayforPakistan #PrayfortheWorld #PrayforHumanity

Vegas, baby!

Reunited!😍 #cutestkittenever

Here's a very late Eid Mubarak from my dad and I

Guess whose first Bulls game was awesome?! I've gotta say, I've grown a liking towards Butler and Noah

Heartbroken. Enraged. Disturbed. Speechless. #EndIslamophobia #ChapelHillShooting

It's never too cold for ice cream❣️

Gaza is under siege. The Palestinians have been suffering for decades. The human right violations are indescribable. Israel has caged these people in - men and women have been tortured and killed, CHILDREN have been imprisoned and beaten, innocent people have been the victims of capitalistic greed. This isn’t right, yet we all manage to turn her heads the other way and ignore it. Or maybe some of us don’t know. I’m not afraid to admit that I don’t know a lot of the problems occurring throughout the world, but that simply means I’m going to educate myself on them. I am unapologetic with my protesting and I will continue to do so until I see every human being treated with basic respect and humanity.

To Palestine: You are not alone. I hear your cries and I hear your screams and I hear your pleas. I will fight till justice is served. I will protest until kids are no longer orphaned, until people are no longer massacred, until families are no longer ripped apart. I will not let you die. Your bravery has ignited a fire within us all, and we are burning bright. We are by your side.
Ya Allah, may Palestine be free once again. #FreePalestine #PrayForPalestine

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