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Aasha Davis  Love Always in All Ways. #SouthOfNowhere #FridayNightLights #Pariah #theUnwrittenRules #9Rides #DrunkHistory

Drunk History Emmy party tonight. 🎉 Thanks to all those who voted. @comedycentral

I cannot wait to put pajamas on my future dog(s). CANNOT WAIT.

Found this little guy on a walk yesterday. I absolutely love walking. The things I find along the way speak to my soul. Whether it’s discovering plants, people, cloud patterns, or pets the journey ALWAYS lightens my load. #gonaturego #heroes #slippingthroughthecracks #bloomingdespiteallodds

On this day 26 years ago Dr. Mae Jemison became the first black woman in space and I had the honor of playing her again on @drunkhistory #SoCool #spacejam #spacecadet #oompaloompah #Flygirl #SoHot

Yasssssss! I’m learning more about black history on @drunkhistory than I’ve EVER been taught in school (Plus I get to work with amazing people) !!!!!!!

Black Sheep in Brooklyn overlooking the World Trade Towers, New York, November 1992 Photography by Al Pereira. #neverforget
I was in Maryland at my mommas house (I had just left New York the day before). My mom woke me up and told me to turn on the TV, that a plane crashed into a building in NYC.

💋 (Drunk History on top. Aasha on the bottom.)


Jeez. @katbardot is so talented #drunkhistory

Why California... Whhhyyyyyy????

One of my most favorite days by the beach. It’s been way too f’in’ long. #waves #thatsawrap🎬

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