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Aasha Davis  Love Always in All Ways. I only want to make you smile. #SouthOfNowhere #FridayNightLights #Pariah #theUnwrittenRules #9Rides #DrunkHistory

Oh no! I’m in the cat’s butt!!! 😹😹😹💩💩💩#wherethesundontshinestate #westside

When there is music on i must dance! I even dance in grocery stores so to me the only bad part of being an industry makeup artist or hairstylist would be not being able to dance in your trailer when music is on. I start and end my day with these ladies and I’m so grateful that they’re as fun and wonderful as they are talented. Thank you 📹: @mabbymakeup @katbardot @ashchildershair @stephaniekaepanekmakeupartist and @robynrebbe for being great!!! #lastweek on @drunkhistory #geniesinabottle

Night shoots got me doing “The Elaine” #drunkhistory #thisisnotasienfeldepisode

💚Scientists say...

Too many people worked too hard to grant us this right. #vote #justfuckingdoit

Gave me one of those “Now Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” moments. #so #pretty #so #festive #so #sweet

Took myself on a headphones free hike this morning... 👣 (my battery was super low). I heard a noise in the bushes and I didn’t know if it was a creep? A coyote? A snake? Thank god it turned out to be a rock rolling down the hill. I was so relieved. Maaaan ignorance IS bliss. I never hear that shit when I have trap music blaring in my ears. 😂


You all mean so much to me. I’m grateful for the support and your never ending “shine” along this journey of life. The positive vibes that you share with me keeps me inspired. Thank you! .
#repost @always_michie


It was like a #WWE fight only real. #UFC

It’s a vibe...