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Aaron Wright  β–ͺ Royal Marine / Aspiring Artist πŸ–Œ β–ͺ Follow my journey! ☝

Working on the next piece where I wanted to focus on the environment more so then any character. Pretty happy with this rough general outline. Going to be a real smokey, night time back alley vibe with car lights shining down from the bad guys. First time trying anything like this so should be a fun challenge.

Ironman painting! Feel like I spent the most time on this one compared to my others. Will probably do a couple more in this style so let me know who you wanna see! πŸ‘#ironman

Nice feedback from my last painting so thought I'd do another! Required a little more detail but really liking this style. You guys prefer the new digital stuff or my traditional ink and copics? #thorvshulk

So this is my first ever digital painting! Very much a beginner when it comes to digital art so tried to focus more on the colours and shapes. Had alot of fun and looking forward to branching off and learning something new. #thor

It's been a whole year but I'm finally drawing again! Great to be to back. This is a work in progress commission where I was shown two images (One of Batman and one of Catwoman) and asked to incorporate them into one image. Loving the look of it so far.
Get ready for alot more posts from me! It's good to be back πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜Š

One of the pics from my deployment to the Carribean to assist with Hurricane relief. #royalmarines #sunset #ship #hurricaneirma #hurricanemaria #hurricanerelief #Barbados #BVI #USVI #turksandcaicos #carribean

Spiderman home made suit commission. Drawn this dude many times but never in this outfit so it was pretty fun to do.
Hope you guys like it!
Next piece will be Batman and Catwoman. Should be pretty sweet! #spiderman

7K followers! Thanks for all the character suggestions for this! Hopefully you can tell that Thor was the randomly selected winner haha.
Originally planned to do a detailed piece of Thor with his new look but time has been against me the last couple of days.
Look forward to seeing what you guys suggest for 8K!

Welcome to the new 1000 followers! πŸ–

#Thor #7k #thankyou

This looks awesome!! #Thor vs #Hulk

Finished The Ultimate Spiderman #125 Commission. Hope you guys like it! I'll be bringing you some video content soon so stay tuned!
Have a good Monday! #spiderman

Pencils of my next piece. Batman vs Joker! Original art.

Deadpool Inked up! Copic markers and unipin fineliners. Looking forward to colouring this guy in. Referenced from a Robert Atkins image @robertatkinsart . I learned alot from this! #deadpool

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