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Aaron J Winklmeier  🧠 Founder of @mindsetinvestors πŸŽ“ Entrepreneur πŸ’ͺ Classic Bodybuilding ⏳ 19 Years Old πŸ‘» Snap - aaronwinklmeier

Getting pretty bulked up now wt least the forearm veins are still somewhat visible. Only 7ish more pounds to gain until the shreds start happening. Haven't been lean in almost 2 years and have put on like 35 pounds so gonna be super nice πŸ˜…

So @skylerfancy and I have been racing to 210lbs and it's been crazy. Looking back on how easy it was to gain weight compared to know is definitely a challenge but I love it. It's ok to look like a fluffy marshmellow once in a while. Was probably 195lbs in this picture a month ago now 202lbs. Go check out his page he is a beast and a hell of a friend.
If you apply your mind to a goal you'll get there eventually. It may take a while but that is why patience and persistence is so important to succeed.
Bodybuilding has been a hell of a journey for me and many of my close friends and I've loved every moment (besides getting mono and losing 20lbs..) Get out there and achieve your goals people!

Had no idea what to post cause the bulk is hitting me hard and I'm a walking canadian marshmallow at ~200lbs πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ --
Even when you are tired or down understand your value of time. Each moment counts in no matter what you do and you must take the opportunity to get out there and make a difference. Success comes with that first step, all you have to do is put on the shoes.

Thank you Stan Lee for inspiring many and creating a universe for many fans across the world to enjoy. From Marvel studies and much more you shaped the genre as we know and love today.

Personally Stanley had a great impact on my life loving superheroes growing up my entire life digging deeper to understand their stories from many books and comics. Having 2 original posters signed by @therealstanlee himself to remember this great man by is a great honour.

He helped shaped many childhoods especially with my love of Spiderman dressing up as his heros growing up.

You will be missed Stan Lee thank you for making the world a better place rest in piece.

The best thing you can do to gain results. Share with a friend to help them achieve a goal.

Everyone talks about having your diet right, training hard, recovery times but they forget what ties it all together 🧠

Whatever it may be that you want to achieve, a goal, wealth, happiness or love you have to fully commit to it.

Packing on some mass looking like the Michelin Man πŸ˜‚

In reality though, when you want to make progress don't be afraid of bulking. The "oh I don't want to get fat", "but I like my abs" all this talk and the reality is you get left behind because you don't put on the size. Blunt but true you have to make sacrifices and not care about what other people think. It's all about your mentality and the results you want in the long run not the short run.

Don't be scared of the truth on how to make results quickly. If you want to gain muscle, eat the food and train hard it's that simple. People tend to over complicate things and sure there is a bunch of factors to take into consideration but in reality it's a simple calculation.

Don't succumb to ego and other perspectives. Do what is necessary for you to succeed.

I tried being a water bender for a pose and I kinda like it πŸ’¦ Had a good workout with @skylerfancy yesterday and the youtube video is in progress! Gonna try and do more with the big lad himself soon. We're on a race lets see who gets the highest!

The progress everyone seeks always seems far away because they have trouble mastering diet and exercise.

However, diet and exercise are important it does not compare to the individual mindset.

By achieving a mastery of your own mind, you can be capable of conquering all your goals by prioritizing, understanding and growing your most powerful tool 🧠

You could have the best routine and the best meal prep in the world but if you lack in your brain power thats where people fail the most.

My big brother here @kiank_fit always surprises me on what he brings to the gym. Also when he deletes Blackops 4 instead of closing it like a boss 😀

The Compound Effect - Darren Hardy

Finishing this book I purchased just a few short hours ago has brought a great benefit in my life by gaining a new perspective on everything.

Every decision you make no matter if it is big or small will grow on itself in more ways than you could possibly imagine.

Be aware of everything you do and be conscious of your own thoughts many people are simply on auto pilot not knowing where their life is headed.

Take the time out of your day to reflect on your actions and habits to review if there is a need for change in anything at all.

So bulked up I feel like a turkey with lots of stuffing πŸ¦ƒ Coming close to that 200lb goal just more and more food πŸ₯˜πŸ³πŸ₯‘

So Summer and I just had the idea ya let's get another cat and here we are πŸ˜‚πŸ’—

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