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Aaron Whitecross  LOAD WELL | LIVE WELL 🔸Accredited Exercise Physiologist ⛑ Rehabilitation 🏋🏼‍♂️ Strength = Resilience

Congratulations to our Commercial Masters Rowing Ladies. Taking out first , second and third in their Quad finals at the state Championships!
It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with theses ladies. @commercialrowing

Willsy traveled to Adelaide this week to compete in the special olympics and won a gold medal!!
This guy has added more to my life than I have to his and his achievements make me so proud for the small part I get to play.
👊🏻💥 @willsy_cov

In my opinion, one of, if not the best, single leg exercise.
The Bulgarian challenges stability, hip hinge, quad drive, core and extensor strength. It can be heavily loaded as technique develops but still allows for great range.
⬆️ A progression could incorporate hanging dumbbells to decrease stability.
⬇️ Regressions would be based around increasing stability - dumbbells by your side to increase balance or a goblet hold to help with torso position.
Is there a better single leg exercise❓❓

Looking for a way to eccentrically load the Supraspinatus when strengthening post injury? This dumbbell exercise allows you to choose what load to place on the supra by limiting the leverage utilised.
⬆️A progression would be heavier weight or full concentric ranges before exercises that challenge the supra significantly such as a bench press.
⬇️ Regressions could be as simple as isometric ranges that challenge the supraspinatus.
🆓 The biggest challenge the supraspinatus faces is working well without a fixed/set scapula.

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🐇Continuous Hurdles🐇
Being able to produce and absorb force is critical in all forms of athletic development and daily living.
Continuous hurdles allows for development of force absorption and production as a skill acquisition technique.
⬆️ A progression would see bounding introduced
⬇️ A regression would be sticking between each hurdle to show control due to decreased complexity

🇪🇸Spanish Squats🇪🇸
An exercise that’s great for knee conditions due to its ability to load the quads without loading heavily through the knee joint itself.
⬆️Progressions that progressively load the knee could be landmine/goblet squats
⬇️Regressions could include wall squats or lying glute/quad work to increase the deloading of the joint.

💥Reactive Hops💥
There are so many aspects to consider when returning to sport.
Reactive work ensures we can link stability with cognitive work.
⬆️Progressions include increased stimulus (i.e. a ball) or perturbation training
⬇️Regressions could include predictive landings where the athlete knows the direction and can predict the landing procedure.

👌🏻Oblique Control👌🏻
Being able to control the torso through rotation is key in many sports and aspects of life.
This exercise ensures pelvic stability whilst controlling rotation.
⬆️Progression: More dynamic exercises such as the oblique crunch or med ball throws.
⬇️Regression: Reduced focus on pelvic stability like a neutral stance core rotation.
Who would you use it for❓

At the most basic level, if you don’t absorb force correctly, it will be distributed elsewhere. Teaching clients post ACL reconstruction to absorb forces and impact through their muscles instead of the joint is imperative to relearning loading and often a cause of non-contact ruptures in the first place.
Simple, if you load well, you’ll live well.

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