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Thoracic Rotation is often an underrated part of mobility.
The Thoracic spine is designed to move - about 40-60 degrees in each direction. The lumbar spine (lower back) should rotate no more than about 12 degrees. So if your thoracic is stiff then this burden falls to the lumbar spine.
Whilst mobility of the hips and shoulders can be quite prominent, thoracic mobility is paramount to good movement.

⚡️Changing Direction⚡️
‘the act of changing the direction in which something is oriented - this is not agility’
From an athletic perspective, it is critical to be able to change direction effectively before the introduction and therefore reaction to a stimulus - Agility.

Running Resistance Program!
This program is focused around addressing the multiple focal points around a runner's gait. Addressing facets such as hip extension, eccentric hamstring, quad strength and hip/knee/ankle stability.
If you're a runner, you're not serious unless you are utilising resistance training 2x weekly. The benefits are well documented and can make the difference.
Need help? Just send a message 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻

Advanced Ab work
I love using the BOSU Oblique Crunch to really improve oblique strength and assist with anterior and posterior sling movements. This allows for a better force transfer across the slings.
Be mindful of head/neck/hip flexors.

Running Overload.
I find using the Double Step Up is a great way to overload your triple extension and encourage better hip engagement.
Using a band around the hips encourages more extension through the hips/glutes and a better finishing position.

Struggling with true extension at the end of your range? Use Flutters to promote true extension without a hitch in the shoulder and using internal rotation and protraction to 'fake' more range in extension.
This will encourage a better position with rowing movements and illicit 'true' extension.

Wanting to improve running?
The TRX Step Back is a great exercise to get you ready for more aggressive triple extension work. This way you can load more posteriorly to overload the hamstrings (controlled step back) and engage a better initial Glute drive.

Very happy to hear client @chrislancemartin had some really positive results in his first BJJ contest.
Achieving Silver in both his Gi and No Gi competitions.
We've programmed for Chris to improve his strength with specific attention to his hip strength and mobility to allow for increased performance on the mat.
Very happy to hear of his results.

Thoracic Mobility is an integral part the body's ability to load the upper limbs correctly.
When breaking Thoracic Mobility down, I love to use a foam roller to enable a more relaxed mobilisation that people can initiate through their torso whilst relaxed.

Willsy has just completed his first season with the @westsbulldogstoowong as apart of the @modifiedrugbyprogram !!
Seeing this young man achieve physical feats brings a massive smile to my face and denotes the importance of programs such as modified rugby.
It's so rewarding seeing how proud he gets about his achievements.

Very impressed with client @littlemadrunner who completed the whopping 50km trail run at Wild Earth Coastal High over the weekend. Mammoth effort!

A big fan of this Exercise and how it teaches shoulder stability when pressing overhead.

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