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Loving the work Norm is putting into his training. Aiming to complete Kona as a life goal is definitely going to be achievable if his work ethic and improvements keep tracking this way. @the.inspired.dietitian @sbrtriathlon

Group classes at their finest! A great environment to make exercise fun whilst still getting exercise tailored to your body's needs.
Want do some group classes under and Exercise Physiologist? Message me today!!

A big fan of the Pallof Press and its variations.
The Reactive Pallof Press is a great tool for anyone who needs to stabilise through their core and pelvis in a reactive setting. Resisting rotation and torsion through the core and stabilising the pelvis.

My little pocket rocket Brigette showing some proximal hip stability.
A vital aspect of not only running but female movement. Having a wider pelvis, females need an increase in relative glute strength to overcome the differences in femur to pelvis angles.

Being able to control your core is vital to effective movement and adjacent joint health (spine, knees etc)
This exercise gets the abdominals working and provides great feedback when you more your legs as to whether or not you can control the pelvis.

Another great exercise to add to your arsenal for Glute work.
Using this exercise you can effectively target Glute med of the stabilising leg, Glute max in the extending leg and pelvic control throughout the exercise.
Perfect for runners!!

Working with young athletes is both a privilege and a consistent challenge.
Teaching them to load, educating them on movement is the key. Each day their body changes but their knowledge and understanding of the foundations of correct movement will only build.
This will create strong and effective athletes.

In my opinion - a stable for any posterior chain program!
This exercise offers the most bang for buck when targeting the glutes and takes out a lot of limiting factors.

Group training is still an opportunity to work on individual needs and progression.
Too often the blanket is thrown over the crowd and individuals are left falling short of what they truly need.
Exercise should be social - progression is individual

An exercise I'm loving for BJJ clients who needy to stabilise their core in a constantly changing setting.

Loving the work my clients are doing! Both of us working towards getting better.
As always, if you execute each rep the best you can, you will be ensuring you are squeezing all the benefits out of the work you are doing.

One of the most critical moments in the rehabilitation process in all ACLR's.
The effort, and therefore progress, this client has put in has been great - working hard up to this point to ensure progress.
Can you tell the difference?

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