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Aaron Morenikeji  Graced!!

Dawn comes;
It is normal, it is nearer.
At this dawning,
The last lap of the year smiles at us.
September, leading the squad
December, weaving the thoughts.

Pregnant with desires and expectations,
Tagged with fears and assumptions.
Silent cries with tears and love
_The Ember months._
The journey will soon be over,
Just some bends,
Just some curves,
It will all come to an end.

So, keep sailing with confidence.
Keep pushing with assurance
I hope you'll chieve without grudges,
I hope you'll proudly say
2018 was a better year.


You might have been undressed while disobeying the instructions that guide your living in the garden. You might have fallen so many times, so much that getting up seems impossible and unachievable.
You might be naked and cold, with no hope of a beautiful and colourful life, only with regrets of the past and tears of how you wish you made the right choices.
Not to worry, babe, the deed is done, let the guilt begone.

You know what, God made a cloth for Adam and Eve, despite their great offense of disobedience. God is never gonna abandon you in this cold, he's set to DRESS YOU UP!

He wants you to be happy, secured, loved, strong, and beautiful as that is who he had created you to be. To boldly stand, believing in every word He has said concerning you. No need for guilt, no need to quit; he's got your back!
All you have to do is tell him about it not hide. Come out to him, let him pen down your measurement; you can be sure he will sow you another beautiful and colourful garment. "Come unto me, all who are heavily laden and I will give you rest...." That's him calling you.

We Love You!

Teenagers are children too. They may seem hard to prune, but it's never for too long.

Yes,some are ignorant, still stupid things excite them.

You can help them know and in turn make the society better.
Talk to a child today!

#I'm sharing this with her permission
I got talking to a friend about how I so want to end teenage pregnancy through education. She became quiet and took me to another seat to continue the conversation.
She wanted to go to the university to study Theater Arts, but her parent could not afford JAMB fee. Selling bread for her mother, she started stealing with the hope of saving enough which she was able to do.
A brother on her street promised to help her as he was teaching in a tutorial center at that time. Thank God the brother helped her, she passed and gained admission into a Federal university; one of the best.
The brother wanted to be more than a brother; she gave a yes thinking she was in her right senses. He wanted a kiss, since that looked little compared to what the brother had done, she gave in, kissed him well until he asked for more and more and more. One thing led to another.

Her parents were happy, but she couldn't tell them what she had done. Not only would her dad disown her, her mother would kill her.
She continued to please him (street brother) since he was even supporting her in School. That was six years ago.
At twenty three years, she had aborted twelve times and unknowingly lost three pregnancy.
The most beautiful part is that, she has the date and the year of each one and memories of how old they would have been.
We laughed and cried about their sex and if twins were involved.

In her words, "What we fail to see is a domestic ant that if not killed, smashed, exposed, will take more lives, more visions and stars. Teenage pregnancy is shameful but abortion is not an option. I wish I knew the right thing at that time.
I've learnt and I'm still learning." With red big eyes, I rushed home. The shower didn't help, not even music.

Let's not just celebrate children's day, sit with your children and talk about sex.
Expose sex before it exposes you.
I wish I knew too.
We shall overcome.


There's a hope waiting for you even in the dark
You're beautiful just the way you are
You don't have to change a thing about your past...your scars are beautiful.

Do something big with yours
Stand up,be a voice.

Let me be your mirror.
I'm not just lucky but blessed...
My scars are beautiful.


Smile is a powerful tool in the world.

Like Gratitude, it unlocks the fullness of life.
It turns what we have into enough and more.
It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order and confusion into clarity.

It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home and a stranger into a friend.

It’s therefore often said “Don’t frown, you never know who is falling in love with your smiles”. "you never know who your smile is encouraging, so smile". I love May.

Heal the world, make it a better place..a lot is going hard, many are smiling with bitter tears.
Beautify the world with your smile, don't keep it.
Share it, heal someone.


I've watched myself grow and every phase has been a bitter sweet one.

The story must always go on, for it is the next page that makes now so precious.

Stop wondering if you're good enough, stop short changing yourself.

Speak to yourself because you listen.

Stand to be counted and when you step into the boardroom, deliver with all the balls, courage and substance you've got.

This morning, I am off to
Okokomiko to speak at RCCG, Glorious Grace Assembly, on "How to be Productive as a Youth and Parent". Happy Sunday!

You're never too late to take that first step.
Stand up, take a breath, move and enjoy.
There is no time like the present, do it.
I love you more!

Look at the mirror and tell the person you see;

You're beautiful, you're loved, you're needed, you're strong, you're amazing, you're alive for a reason, you're a voice.

Rise above your fears and insecurities.
I believe you can!

I love you.



Your peace is important, make peace with yourself.

Let go of distractions,intimacy with you + you is key.


Happy Birthday Ayotomiwa Aaron.
Long Life in Prosperity.
Love you plenty.

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