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Aaron Lepsch  Family Man 👪 Sr Sys Admin-Engineer-Technical Director @NASA🚀 CF-L1 / S&C Coach 🏋🏻💪 Columbus,OH-Baltimore,MD-Buffalo,NY My Life via pictures🎢🎉


Today marks my Grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. I love them dearly. We had planned on celebrating their love, which we still will, but my Grandmother is in ICU fighting for her life. She's an extremely strong woman and I know she's fighting with ever ounce of her being. Tristan, Cameron and I, love her and hope that she pulls through. We made it to Buffalo to let her know that we're by her side.

It's amazing how much you can miss your family when you've been away for 5 days. I'm happy to be home! @mrslepsch #CameronEdward #SumoLepsch

The next generation space telescope, The James Webb Space Telescope. Upright in all its glory. #jwst

Stopped by our giant clean room to see The James Webb Space Telescope. It was lying on its back, with the gold mirrors facing up. We're making America Science, whether you like it or not. Go to jwst.nasa.gov if you'd like to see it on our webcam. #jwst #MakeAmericaScienceAgain

Flashback to 1998. This breakfast reminds me of when I was an exchange student in Costa Rica. Every breakfast was Eggs, Rice, Beans, and Coffee. So far these black beans have been the best I've seen as far as Fiber per Carb ratio. 36g of Carbs with 16g of Fiber. My daily goal is 30g of fiber. Total Macros: P54g C60g F0g #FlexibleDieting #IIFYM #WarOnBroScience

I love my little family.

Came home from a long day yesterday and my wife put together this awesome dinner. @mrslepsch 😘 Meatloaf muffins with ketchup, mashed potatoes, and a glass of sweet red. P48g C67g F42g #FlexibleDieting #IIFYM #WarOnBroScience

Sumo pulls at 495 didn't feel too bad today. It was a solid day of lifting.

Working with the Man, the Myth, the Legend. Dr. Layne Norton. @biolayne #TeamScience #WarOnBroScience

Last nights dinner and snack, because I couldn't eat it all in one sitting. A Cheeseburger on Brioche bun and a Double Turkey Burger on flat bread. C80g P95g F38g #FlexibleDieting #IIFYM #WarOnBroScience

Sunday morning cartoons and chilling inside a box. #CameronEdward #SumoLepsch

and so it begins...... #CameronEdward #SumoLepsch

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