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Aaron Katz Judo  Born in Los Angeles, CA moved to Israel when he was 2. Now he begins his journey for Olympic Gold in Judo.

Aaron won the gold today in Ashdod after winning the Silver and Bronze Medals last week in Ofakim Aaron came out strong today with a great performance on Purim day.

Aaron came in third place the other day fighting in the older division. Aaron is only in the second grade and is already fighting against kids in the fourth grade and he still is just a white belt. Now back to weight training and watching game tapes to improve on the things he needs to work on so he can bring home the gold next time. Tell me what you think if I should just let Aaron win Gold VS kids his own age or keep pushing him by putting him VS the older kids?

Aaron's newest trick he learned and he almost pulled it off.

Aaron's Judo class was canceled at the last minute tonight and instead of going home Aaron wanted to stay and workout at the park to prepare for his up coming tournament this Friday.

Aaron's best highlights of 2017 part 2.

Part 1 of Aaron's best highlights from 2017.

Aaron won this fight today in his tournament to put him in the Gold medal match.

Another fight and win from Aarons fight today in Ashdod. Aaron sat down before he left for the tournament today and watched video of his previous fights that he lost so he could see what he did wrong and improve on it.

Israeli National Anthem before Aaron's tournament in Ashdod, Israel. Aaron has now won medals in three different cities in Israel in only his first couple months of Judo and still only just a white belt.

Aaron won this fight in about 8 seconds for the Gold medal.

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