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Around sunset in the White Mountains the sky can change so dramatically, so quickly. If you don't find a mountain top and just watch, you may miss something spectacular.

Observe the wonders as they surround you. Don't claim them, feel the artistry moving through and be silent.

I remember this day so vividly, this was on top of Bromley Mountain in Vermont. The climb up Bromley was no joke, especially with a full re-supply and a well needed zero day.
This is the first thing you climb out of Manchester Center, VT. So the out of season ski resort's lift was a perfect place to sit and take a break for a while. •
Also, huge shoutout to @thetrek.co for including myself with 5 other incredibly talented photographers on trail. If you'd like to read the article the link is in the bio!

Home is not where you're from, it is where you belong. Some of us travel the whole world to find it. For some it's the mountains, a city or the ocean. Get out and find where you call home.

If you get the chance, climb every fire tower in Vermont along the A.T. Each one has incredible 360° views. "Fish" pointing out to the White Mountains in New Hampshire. This was the first time we could actually see them in the distance.

One of my favorite humans @_mikejanson_ taking a photo of me, taking a photo of him. Shot on the Nikon F3 on @kodak Ektar 100 developed by @robertscamera

I'll take sleeping here over a 5 star hotel any day.

I captured this photo one morning of Pocahontas writing in her journal beneath a water fall we just descended down in the White Mountains. It's incredible how a place can give you such a feeling that it makes you want to just stop, take it all in, sit down, and write in that moment.

Sometimes if you get really creative, cooking in the backcountry doesn't have to be just endless amounts of cheap ramen, family size stuffing and bland tasting food.
Brief-Thief carried a 4 pound cast iron pan throughout the trail. Concocting up some of the most delicious food I've seen/smelt on or off trail. Definitely not your typical ultralight hiker.

Yesterday I received my film I shot on my recent trip down south. So stoked on the results! Getting film back is almost like Christmas, the excitement to look through your negatives and see what came out is one of the reasons I still shoot film. •
Shot on the Nikon F3 with @kodak Ektar 100 developed by @robertscamera

What If I told you there is a shelter where you can get freshly made pancakes and coffee, would you believe me?
Well it's true, just outside of Lee, Massachusetts on Upper Goose Pond there lies an old cabin deep in the woods that was donated to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy to become a shelter for hikers.
Here resides volunteers that maintain the shelter, they also are kind enough to cook heaps of pancakes and gallons of coffee for hikers that stayed the night before.
Let's just say this isn't a bad way to get the morning started.

Craving to be under the giant pines of the Sierra once more.

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