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Aaron Hagstrom  Welder at V&M Erectors 2012 Ram lifted 7" on 20x14s sc: aaronh850 850 πŸ”€ 407 Sanford FL

They don't want you to live.. they don't want you to ball. Them pussies smile in yo face and then pray for you to fall.. #100shots #DamnLilMama #AllDatAss #BootyHereBootyThere #GotStance #FRTC #RamTheDaughterDodgeTheFather

Sendin shots right back @ you niggas #morecoming #frtc #14wide #gotoffset #stance #needmorelights

To make some things clear because I've heard enough shit talk and people believing things without reading a truthful story. - the tide was getting higher to the point beach patrol told me I needed to exit the beach, as I proceeded to drive down the beach I was within 100 yards of the exit ramp. Off to my passenger side , there was a young boy and his little sister on a boogie board in the water. As I got closer to my exit he was still in the water on the board enjoying his time. When I got close almost completely parallel with them I lost sight of them over the passenger side of my hood. There was no one trying to cross the road at and I saw no one in my driving path at this point. I was going 5mph if that.. the waves pushed them closer to the driving lane...the boy got excited and jumped off the board to run back towards the shore to his mother, when he did his sister that's still on the boogie board yelled his name, he turned around to look at her while still running. He made contact with the passenger side bumper under my head light. That knocked him over and my front tire rolled over him. I felt the bump and knew something wasn't right. I immediately got out and ran over to the boy who was screaming and rolling on the ground to check on him. His mother ran up to see if he was alive and at that point I had already been on the phone with 911 telling them my location on the beach line. I was never at fault nor did I intentionally run over this child. The 4 witnesses behind me will tell you the same as well as his own mother knows i never intentionally ran over this child. Every time I drive on the beach I let whoever is trying to cross the driving lane cross..even when they wave me to drive by I say no, you first. I feel really horrible about this and it's really eating me up inside. I've kept in contact to make sure the boy is okay and the last I known he is conscious but he has injuries.. if bashing me makes you feel better then do so, but take your bullshit somewhere else. That's all I got to say about it if you could please stop sending me the news and asking about it I would greatly appreciate it.

Last night was lit 🀘🏼 shout out to all the homies that put on a show, especially @mater20 for burning down a good set of mud grapps all the way to the wire!! @cowboyram13 with the video #daytonatruckmeet2017 #daytonabeach #daytonatruckfest2017 #steaknshake #frtc #itslit

Helper makes for a good photographer lol 🀘🏼πŸ”₯

Just another day on the ironπŸ˜΄πŸ‘¨β€πŸ­ #IronWorkerShit #VMErectors #WeldEveryDamnDay #SteelErectors #BridgeErectors #HighInTheSky

My nigga my nigga I know he gon ride..You know that he with me, you know he gone slide #MyBrotha #KeepIt1k #TeamLittyKitty #GettinShittySuckinOnATitty

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