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Aaron In South America • ✈️  🛫Living abroad with my wife ⬇️ Head over to our vlog (link below) ✖️ Subscribe to enjoy our site! 🌎 Next stop: USA 🇺🇸


I'm feeling very grateful right now to have you at my side. @kaleyfunke
This life we have made together is beyond anything I could have dreamed up. Thanks for always being up for an adventure and a challenge. Having you to explore with makes this world brighter and more vibrant than I ever could have imagined. I look forward to many adventures to come. I love you! ❤️ •
This photo was taken in Cajas National Park, Ecuador •
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2 years ago today, Kaley and I got married. It's been a couple of years full of blessings, adventures, love, good food, good friends, world travels, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and lots of kisses.
I am #blessed to have this girl as my partner in crime. Here's to another year full of adventure! I love you Kaley!

Photo taken in Leon, Nicaragua
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The past six months have been such an adventure. We have scaled mountains in the Andes 🌄, rode bikes in the Amazon 🚴, learned to surf in the warm Pacific 🏄, seen real lava bubbling out of a volcano 🌋, went on a motorcycle trip on an island in the biggest lake in Central America 🏍 and many more adventures. All together. I'm so grateful for Kaley and her willingness to do crazy stuff with me. This trip has been life changing and I'm so glad we got to do it together. You are my best friend. Thanks for putting up with me 24/7 since November. ❤️
This trip is coming to an end, but the adventure continues. Stay tuned for our next big adventure together. 🌎 Wherever we go, it's gonna be a blast!

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Once I hit 100 subs, YouTube will give me my own URL (YouTube.com/whateveriwantmynametobe). Pretty cool 😎
Help a brother out and subscribe and I will be the happiest boy alive! Love you all!

Sister's in town. We made it up the bell tower in the main cathedral in town. Granada is quite the picturesque little town. It has been fun exploring with @andrayafunke

Flashback to hanging out in Drake Bay, Costa Rica a few weeks ago. We love the beach! Costa Rica did not disappoint!

Life is pretty good right now. Can't believe how fast time has flown. Back in the States in about a month. BRB.

This has quickly become our favorite place in Nicaragua. 🇳🇮 Only 20 minutes from our front door, laguna de apoyo is a lake within a volcano, much like Crater Lake in Oregon. 🌋

This may be one of my favorite photos that I've ever taken. Why? Because it made me feel like a real photographer on assignment for @natgeo or @natgeotravel which I consider to be one of the coolest jobs on the planet.
This photo was taken while walking along the coastal footpath from Bahia Drake to Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica. It was incredible how much wildlife we saw along the path. Toucans, parrots, monkeys, crabs, etc. This hike was definitely a highlight of our time spent in Costa Rica!

Drake Bay, CR

It has been a few weeks now since we were in Costa Rica. We loved it there! But all good things must come to an end. Fortunately, we replaced a good thing with another good thing. Nicaragua has been great to us. Can't wait to share more photos from the last few weeks. I have been a little absent from Instagram recently because I have had a lot of school work and website stuff to work on. Things are calming down a bit so stay tuned for lots of good photos!

In the last few months, I have grown a fascination with old Land Rovers, Jeeps, Toyota FJs, and other old rad trucks and SUVs. Someday I will get one and fix it up to be the most rad car you've ever seen. For now, I've got to dream.

I have seen quite a few of the old cars around Latin America. Usually they are used for farming or day-to-day work functions. This one was found in Quito. I don't know what it is used for, but judging by the dings and scratches, I can assume that someone has put it to good use.
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