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Aaron Aziz  Actor. Father. Husband.Son

Meet Danial the MP of Tanjung Bukit Manis! And who says it's easy to be one? 😉 premiering this Wednesday 9.30pm @mediacorpch5 #aaronazizworks #aaronaziz #MeetTheMP #meetthempch5 @theoak3films

Okay guys,jangan lupa tonton CCTV malam ini bersama Bodyguard #Blackbeltkalerpink @aarondwiaziz , @aimanhakimridza dan @dafiismailsabri . Semuanya hos @arilpilus dan @aliffarhan_jr akan share dengan korang nanti 😂✌🏼
... MALAM INI| 9.30 PM | ASTRO RIA | RiaHD ... #cctvria #blackbeltkalerpink @astrogempak @era_fm @officialhlive @aaronatorsfc

Isteri siapa ni?? Love it Dar. @diyanahalik Follow @allureyez_ and @diyanahalikcom www.allureyez.com www.diyanahalik.com

Yesterday's night entertainment by my almost 7yrs old baby girl. Steady la. Love u and get well soon sayang. #dahliaarissaaaronvideos #dahliaarissaaaron #aaronazizfamily

Allureyez just dropped their new colours! Follow @allureyez_ now! #allureyezlens www.allureyez.com

Hello Singapore! Meet me Daniel The MP for Tanjung Bukit Manis. Problems at your neighborhood? I am here to serve with ❤ This Wednesday 9.30pm (it's been awhile! Hello Channel 5 @mediacorpch5 ) See u all next week! #meetthempch5 @oak3films #MeetTheMP

Was in pain that I can't even put on my tie. Hand n neck movements are limited. But I won't miss this invite. Have been with Lord's Tailor I think for about 10 years! Thank you for inviting and for the perfect custom made suits! I hv a wardrobe just for my suits by e way. Congrats @kennylords @lordstailor for your boutique opening at Gardens.

Kosongkan minda tenang kan diri!! #blackbeltkalerpink 9 mlm ini di astro warna! @aaronatorsfc #aaronaziz

Body Guards Timora! #blackbeltkalerpink Wed - Fri 9pm at Astro Warna! @dafiismailsabri @aimanhakimridza #aaronaziz #aaronazizworks

Now going Live on FB Astro Gempak live chat! #BlackBeltKalerPink @dafiismailsabri

Even though I'm Lil down, but see u all soon! Jangan lupa Facebook Live dengan kitorang malam ni special buat drama #BlackBeltKalerPink - @aimanhakimredza @dafiismail @aarondwiaziz- jam 8.30 malam di Facebook Live Gempak. See you tonight! #GempakLive @aaronatorsfc

I think I am. This year have lost some people who I thought were friends. 2 cats (Shadow & Sparkle) died from a virus thats going around killing cats (Porvo or Parvo virus) another (Nile) in critical condition. Scar limping and swollen paw cos fought with another male cat bringing him to the vet in a while. Luckily my Sofi is well and pregnant AGAIN. And a thousand other more issues. Finding it harder to smile these days.

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