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Aaron Aziz  Actor. Father. Husband.Son (email diyanahalik@gmail.com for enquiries)

My pledge. You know what it is!! #DadahItuHaram make sure you’re kids are safe from it. #aaronaziz

Alright, tonight it’s our turn to complete #OhMyFamily mission, its not me but Dahlia’s mission. Let’s see how Dahlia DIY the keychain and sell it to people. Tak sabar nak tengok Dahlia berdikari cari duit sendiri dan berinteraksi dengan orang awam.
Jangan lupa malam ni tengok #OhMyFamily hanya di Astro Ria, Ria HD & Astro Ceria. @dahliaarissaaaron @my.ebu

Happy Birthday Dar @diyanahalik This picture resembles the journey in our lives. Though it may be lonely sometimes know that you are surrounded by Angels & I’m never far. I’ll always look after you from far or near. And in days when I’m not around I know that you are well protected cos ALLAH looks after you. This year’s birthday won’t be long and mushy. All I can say and will only say is that I love you. May ALLAH keep you safe, happy and at peace till Jannah Amin. InnShaAllah. #aaronazizfamily #happyBirthdayDiyanaHalik

Ada some people asking me and DM Kenapa takde Dahlia semalam on #OhmyFamily Check this trailer k. Next week confirm! @dahliaarissaaaron So next Wednesday 9pm at Astro Ria n Ceria! #aaronazizfamily #ohmyfamily

Lagi 1hr to #ohmyfamily @my.ebu Jgn lupa Saksikan di astro Ria n Ceria! #aaronazizfamily @dahliaarissaaaron

2 hari Lagi!! jgn lupa Semua! #ohmyfamily @my.ebu 9pm!! Tengok la Apa Si Dahlia @dahliaarissaaaron kena buat k. #aaronazizfamily

So someone watched Insidious without asking me for permission.... she ended up with a nightmare, a Subuh without having to be woken up and finally hafal her Bismillahi Ladzi LaYadurru..... Ada bagus nya la jugak. Oh Ahlia!!! 😂 @dahliaarissaaaron Catch her on #ohmyfamily @my.ebu this 11th April on Astro Ceria!

Are you ready guys for #OhMyFamily? Dapat tak Dahlia complete her mission! @dahliaarissaaaron .
Korang jangan lupa temujanji kita setiap RABU 9 MALAM bermula 11 APRIL 2018, dah tak lame dah 7 hari je lagi.

#OhMyFamily #eBu @aaronatorsfc

Coming soon this 11th April #ohmyfamily #ohmyfamili di Astro Ceria! Watch @dahliaarissaaaron complete her missions! #aaronazizfamily @my.ebu

A smooth gentleman. A loving Father. A caring husband. And a great sahabat. For those who know this guy @aide05 next to me will definitely agree those are his attributes. Not just him but his wonderful wife @ezreenpetom and his 4 beautiful kids @dreshaw11 @adieleshqi @esteeariqa & #eleyasofea all possess great qualities. So here’s my shoutout to you brother on your birthday. Happy Birthday. May ALLAH SWT grant you n your family a place in Jannah, blessed years of endless love,happiness & lots of fun between our 2 families. Thank you brother for everything. Know that there will always be a place for you n your family in my home to crash n destroy. #aaronazizfamily #aideiskandarfamily

Catch #ohmyfamily coming soon!! Boleh la Tengok @dahliaarissaaaron and her antics along with other cute kids. #ohmyfamili 11th April at Astro
#ebu @my.ebu #aaronazizfamily #aaronaziz #dahliaarissaaaronvideos #ohmyfamily

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