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How time flies...today you are 7yrs old Sayang @dahliaarissaaaron And in this beautiful holy month of #ramadhan2017 Daddy doakan for ALLAH to bless you with a wonderful life filled with lots n lots of love & laughter. And also may ALLAH keep you safe & healthy always and protect you from all evil in this world. May you grow up to be a humble servant of ALLAH and be amongst HIS blessed ones. Study hard. Speak the truth always. Help the poor and less fortunate & obey ALLAH's commands and Rasullulah's s.a.w teachings. Remember that nobody on earth can & will love you more than your Daddy. Happy Birthday Sayang. #aaronazizfamily #dahliaarissaaaron

Jumpa saya dan Ramai lagi esok 1pm di Jakel Mall KL. Ada voucher pembelian percuma juga! @aaronatorsfc #aaronazizworks #aaronaziz #bajumelayuaaronaziz #ingatrayaingatjakel @jakeltextile

Thank you @mahathir7 & @mugello7 for dropping by. Let's doa agar what we discussed will materialize into something big InnShaAllah. What do you guys think is gonna happen? Cuba teka? @aaronatorsfc @drivem7 #aaronazizworks

Good morning! All in spore n JB don't forget episode 5 of Meet the MP.
Catch Meet the MP today, Wednesday at 9:30pm on @mediacorpch5 #aaronazizworks #aaronaziz @theoak3films

Thank you to all of Dahlia's frens who came for Dahlia's advance party! Theme: Moana
Planner : @_bashed_
Dessert Bar : @sheparty_creative
Photo Booth : @photatobox Photographer : @the_occasions
Balloons : @balloon_bar
Catering : @sanggulevent

Thank you to my Umrah family for coming. Sorry couldn't chat. Fever . Thank you bro Shahir, Bro Mursyid, Bro @muadzdzulkefly and all my beloved God children @dreshaw11 @adieleshqi @bowieariqa #dahliaarissamoanaparty #dahliaarissaaaron #dahliaarissabirthdayparty Thank u bro @aide05 and @ezreenpetom for making it happen.

Thank you @_bashed_ for planning this party and making my Moana happy! Moana loves the whole deco and the games! 👏#dahliaarissamoanaparty #dahliaarissaaaron #dahliaarissabirthdayparty #aaronazizfamily Thank u @_bashed_ and thank u photographer @the_ocasions

First time with @photatobox But won't be the last for sure! Kids n mommies love the photobooth that they cant stop taking pictures! Buat station throughout the party! Thank u Photato Box. Till e next one. InshaAllah #dahliaarissamoanaparty #dahliaarissaaaron #dahliaarissabirthdayparty #aaronazizfamily Thank u @_bashed_ for this.

Pretty Dahlia Moana with @balloon_bar Always surprising us with her creations! #dahliaarissamoanaparty #dahliaarissaaaron #dahliaarissabirthdayparty #aaronazizfamily @dahliaarissaaaron Thank you Balloon Bar!

I was down wit fever for the past two days but of coz I will never miss my moonlight 7th bday party. Sorry darling daddy not well. But anyway I want to say thank you to @sheparty_creative for doing all my kids parties. This year is exceptionally colorful and beautiful! Also thank u @nuleyabakes for e delicious cake. #dahliaarissabirthdayparty birthday #dahliaarissamoanaparty #aaronazizfamily #dahliaarissaaaron

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