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Aaron Cushing  Gamer/nerd/truckdriver/delivery/boston/finalfantasy14 (Famfrit) Superman. Go check out my music on youtube ;) ⬇⬇⬇⬇


Can I just take a second to say @prattprattpratt is seriously THE BEST. What an absolute role model and amazing human being. Don't ever let anybody or anything get you down, and just keep pushing. Well said Chris, well said #chrispratt #saltoftheearth #rolemodel

When you and the crew lookin fresh 😎✌@christopherlleclerc @starlalynch #oob #oldorchardbeach

So a few other guys and myself got told to "get the fuck off the stage" At #lindburgslanding #pierpatiopub in #oldorchard for dancing on the stripper pole. This is fucking obsurd. So it's okay for a woman to "dance her ass off" But God forbid a guy wants to get up there. If THAT'S not #sexualdiscrimition then I'm sorry but that's fucked up #eqalityforall right??

What's up with this huge difference in size?? I should have learned.... Scorpion bowl for 2 for 1 or nothing 😀

Wow, Green Arrow vs more Batman characters.... show is getting out of hand πŸ˜‚ #tbt to Anime Boston a few months ago, if you know Joker and Harley make sure to mention them and I'll tag 'em!! #greenarrow #joker #harleyquinn #cosplay

Went kayaking with the the pup today. And by today, I mean ALL DAY. 5 hours and 14 miles rowing(7 downstream and 7 upstream), holy shit my shoulders are gonna be jacked πŸ˜‚ anyways, here's your "Red White And Blue" for Independence Day hahaha Happy 4th everyone, be safe and have fun! And wear sun screen! #fourthofjuly #kayaking #redlobster

So we tried a thing with the ocean again..... slightly better, but he needed some help on the way back in πŸ˜‚ #doggo #pupper #ocean

Bearded Spiderman (featuring Kona)? Why not, Earth 616 Peter Parker let his hair grow πŸ˜‚ thanks for the suit @amazingspiderjay I'll try to make you proud! #tasm2 #amazingspiderman2 #peterparker

What is it with Greeks and wanting to take their shirts off all the time? #weirdo #dontbendover #wheninrome #orgreece #orhere

When Panos tries to bring his A-game talking shit about wrestling me πŸ˜‚ #family #hegotnothin #bringit #greekpunkass

Can it be Wednesday again when I had a nice day off and hung with @gokusagicosplay @eevie_bell and of course my main squeeze @maskedsaiyancosplay Please and thank you πŸ™ Also @mattyjives and I became wound brothers πŸ˜‚

Giving a shout out to the Quality Beverage (Budweiser) guys in Taunton who are still on strike because their Company doesn't want to give them an equal cost of living raise. In the meantime until the strike is over, they're hiring "Truck Drivers" who have no clue how to deliver, or get around to the stops they're delivering to. More people, companies included, need to appreciate the HARD WORK that all us Delivery Personal do day in and day out. Almost everything in this country is delivered by truck. So next time you give a toast, don't forget about us, because without people like us you wouldn't be enjoying that cold drink, the food on your table, going to the restaurant, the clothes on your back, or the toys you play with ✌ #truckdrivers #deliverypersonal #hardwork

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