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♠️Aaron♦️Allen♣️  ~wandering around in a Wonderland trying to find somebody who understands ~ https://www.facebook.com/AaronAllenandThoseWhoWereThere/

Sometimes love just needs a little push 😉
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~Someone gave me this book a long time ago. You know who you are and yes I still have it 💙🌙
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Hope your Valentine's day is Magic
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From Heaven. On Earth. Stuck in the in between

#shadowhunters➰ I cannot describe how much I love these stories. Sometimes things just speak to your soul. Sometimes people will tell me that fictional characters are not real, but I have met a lot of real people that are really well and truly fake. #lightinthedarkness #gaurdiansofthelight #lightworker #sky #shadowhunters➰

As Above So Below

I was going to leave the realms today to come into perceived reality, but now I think I'll save that for tomorrow. ✨🌙

I call this The Portal~ there are some places that just have an energy~ after I had gotten this shot we grabbed the clock and went home it was the last one. After seeing it finished we blew it up to poster size. I loved it so much it now hangs in my living room. It reminds me of this place exists when things are good, when things are bad, whenever anything... This place exists. ✨🌙
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I really do believe that magic is everywhere you just have to find it and when you do you see the world differently. ✨🌙

" if I could read your mind ..then I'd know what to say.. and it should be no surprise.. I'd want to anyway.." ✨ #tambourine #crystalball

Next to the crescent Moon this pendant is my favorite I've ever owned. "I still have one light that you haven't seen, it's shining. I still have that one ace up my sleeve reminding I still have a little something left"
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