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Aarom NoName  Patience is virtue.

Excuse my totally intoxicated face on the second picture, I was truly enjoying myself... ♥️

That “one time” Ricardo fell asleep before all of us...

She can make me mad but she’s the only one that can truly make me happy ❤️ one year strong and she’s still the love of my life 🤙🏽 🐢

If y’all didn’t already know...

Got to spend my valentine with a dime that cares about my two cents, #womancrushwedensday even tho she is my woman crush every single day, I break down and she still finds a way to build me back up, if I were to ever lose her I would be losing apart of me as well because I’ve dedicated so much of myself into her and I don’t see why I wouldn’t keep doing so, I love this little old lady 👵 and I’m glad that she wants to spend her precious time with me, an old fart... we will grow together like a bushel of roses and dig our roots deep into the earth that we live in to live on for as long as we can, she’s very special to me and I don’t deserve such perfection but I will cherish every moment like it’s the last. Thank you for everything you’ve been to me baby girl ❤️

Yello, new dis who phone???

Take a picture it’ll last longer...

I great way to end the year, may our love be clear far and near.

Black on white/white on blacK

Merry Chrysler!!! From: Your relationship goals

She's all I ever think about.

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