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Aarika Lee  Multi-tasker by day. Musician by night. Wife to @thelioncityboy. Mama to #ZolaMae & #AriJon


That BBQ πŸ™ is πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

All the birthday sunshine I need. #ZolaMae

I used to casually call us headwrapping girls a Sisterhood. I say it's official now πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Thank you @straits_times for getting us together for this story. For everyone who's been asking for wrapping tutorials, tap the link in my profile. We finally filmed some!
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I wish it was easier to get Peonies around here.
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Pretty πŸ–€ Street

I feel like going home to play with make up.
#makeupjunkie #whyisitonlytuesday #whatmakesyoublush

At lunch yesterday, we ordered a steamed fish. #ZolaMae has never really commented on what we've ordered before but yesterday she asked me why we were eating the fish. "Why are we eating the fish, Mommy? Fishies belong in the ocean." πŸ’”I've never imposed my food choices on the kids before nor have I been very strict myself since having them. It's tough to restrict what they have since I'm not the one cooking for them everyday but maybe she's more ready to have a conversation, or just find out a little more, about where our food comes from now.
What we eat is our choice and our choices have effect. I believe in the food chain; that the fish in the sea were intended for food. But this was before we took advantage of what was provided for us and contributed to overconsumption and food waste.
It doesn't happen as often anymore but I get laughed at for not eating some things. "You're just one person - what do you think you're saving? The cow's already dead. You're leaving more for us meat-eaters then." But that's besides the point. If we stop caring about the world we live in, it's going to cease to exist. What we choose to eat plays a part in that. There are so many ways in which we deplete this Earth and I am so guilty of a lot of things. Trying to be more conscious about my food choices is a small way that I try to do my part. So don't laugh la ok? We all try. And if you're not trying, maybe you should start giving it a thought.
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It's the birthday week! Kickin' it off with these shiny espadrilles! 🍍🌴⚑️
#90yearsofcastaner #90AniversaryCastaner

Wake up and smell the (giant) roses. #monday
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Every time I see old pictures of Daddy and I, I can't help but laugh. I always have the worst haircut and he looks like the quintessential cool dad (with a touch of ah beng) of the 80s. Wish he had a chance to meet #ZolaMae and #AriJon. He would've loved their crazy antics.

That's the face of a champion dad. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, @thelioncityboy! ❀️ We love you more than words can say. Thank you for putting up with all our nonsense!!
ps: Don't worry about #AriJon, that's his smiling face.

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