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Aaptiv  Aaptiv brings you high quality audio fitness classes taught by certified personal trainers and set to the perfect playlist. Start your free trial now:

Making time for fitness on-the-go doesn't have to be hard. Take us with you on your next weekend beach trip, midsummer getaway, or out-of-office staycation, and we'll take away the guesswork with outdoor runs perfect for the boardwalk, stretching classes that make any long car ride bearable, hotel-room friendly strength training classes, and more. Our bags are packed. 😎 #TeamAaptiv #AaptivSummerSweat

Notorious B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y! Today, we’re celebrating Biggie’s birthday week with an exclusive treadmill class by @ackdntstp. Head to the link in bio now to run to your Notorious B.I.G. favorites 🎉🎉 #TeamAaptiv @rhino_records

About last night....💭🥊 Thank you to everyone who showed up and worked up a serious sweat 💦 and thank you to @sayerfit & @running.on_e, and @georgeforeman3, @catiemacken, and @adifferentbreid who hosted us (and kicked our butts) at @everybodyfights. It was an evening for the books 👊✨ #TeamAaptiv #EverybodyFights #KnockoutDuo 🎥: @fillenoire

No gym, no problem. 👊 @morganheistfit grabbed her water, got outside, and took our newest category for a spin. Have you tried one of our brand new boxing classes yet? Take them at home, take them at the gym, or take them outside, and be sure to send that sweaty 📸 our way. #TeamAaptiv #TeamAaptivBoxing

"When I look back on my career as a runner, I think about ever mile that has led me to this job. Every time I wanted to quit, I didn’t. In the end, it’s worth the pain. My goal with @aaptiv is to help #TeamAaptiv understand that this stuff never gets easier, you just get better. And the further you go, the more you grow as a person. And there is no better way to grow than to find strength in pain.” - @meg_takacs | 📸: @jfinkphoto

Did you hear the news? Boxing is officially live in-app! Next in the ring for your brand new trainers is Elena Moffa. @running.on_e mixes exercise science with a boxing background to create kickass classes. Expect upbeat music and no shortage of fun 👊💥Say hey to Elena and check out her classes in-app now! #TeamAaptiv

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with @everybodyfights to create a brand new four-week boxing and cross-training program, Train Like a Boxer. The program is led by trainers from EverybodyFights, including undefeated professional boxer @georgeforeman3! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or it’s your first day in the ring, this program will hone your technique, challenge you to a full-body workout, and get a trainer in your ear guiding you through every hook and jab. We don’t know about you, but we think we make a pretty #KnockoutDuo. See you in the ring! 👊 #EverybodyFights #TeamAaptiv

Introducing our latest category 👊 Boxing is here! Get ready to learn technique, cross-train, and discover a whole new way to get a full-body workout in. Along with this brand new category comes a few new trainers. First up is Mark Sayer. His workouts are infused with knowledge that he learned as a Muay Thai fighter, and his classes are technical, intense, and will have you feeling like a real fighter. Don't miss @sayerfit and our other new boxing classes in-app today, and learn more about this brand new category via the link in bio now! #TeamAaptiv #AaptivBoxing

In other words, set a bedtime! 💤 Your workouts will thank you. Bonus points if you can stay within that seven to nine hour recommended range (give or take a few days because life). Want more nighttime tips that can set you up for a more productive AM? Head to the link in bio to read the full article now. #TeamAaptiv

"When I’m stretching or strength training during #WalktoRun, I’ve noticed that I tend to hold in my breath. Perhaps it's because I feel that I can push my way through to reaching a full stretch or better exert power when completing a pushup. But, I'm learning throughout this program that holding your breath is actually counterproductive, and it can lead to quicker fatigue. I'm working now on retraining myself with proper breathing techniques to become a more efficient athlete. Always learning and growing––that's what it's all about for me." - @sarahrcorley #AaptivOneMile #TeamAaptiv

Chase miles, chase goals, chase life.💫 #TeamAaptiv

Stay strong, stay focused. You made it to Friday, #TeamAaptiv. ✨💪

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