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Aprylle Fernandez  I plan to look for the best latte in the world. If not, the coziest coffee shop, and then I'll set up camp nearby.


Can't believe we are married. I was just commenting last night as we watch the sad ending of this movie unfold, "I hope we don't end up like that." It was about these couple, not yet married but living together, parting ways. @p_igama_md just answered, smiling, "I think we're far from that. We just got married, Ape." And then it all occurred to me. Again. Everything that just transpired the last week. We did just get married. We are married! Ha. πŸ€—

@p_igama_md and I could not resist buying everything that caught our eye! So now she has clothes for the whole year - from infancy, to 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, heck, until she's a year old! Even got her scarves in time for the brrrr/ ber months! Oh, and we accidentally got 2 of the same kind out of sheer excitement. Haha! Here are some of my favorites. 😍

Was starting to get worried they wouldn't arrive on time! Yay! Darn those import duties though. Haha. @farfetch, I have searched the world (read: online hehe) over for this nude heels the moment I laid eyes on them. Thank you! ❀️

I'm guessing all brides-to-be are like me, especially after just getting engaged! I wear the ring even to bed! Hahaha. β€οΈπŸ’—

Last night was one of the busiest at the Intensive Care Unit. The next morning, I felt I couldn't finish my morning rounds anymore due to sheer tiredness. I was not done and it was almost time to head home! Alas, by noon, everybody somehow kept telling me to go freshen up before heading out - my co-residents, my brother whom I was supposed to meet for "lunch with a client of his so I had to at least look not haggard", Mama who called just to tell me that I had to at least powder up before meeting Joseph for lunch. Aleli, my co-resident, even offered to let me use her facial wash. Haha. I kept thinking to myself, "Wow, last night's toxicity must really be showing on my face now." Fast forward few minutes later, so there we were at this resto my brother picked for lunch - it was one of my favorites, yes. As I entered, familiar faces greeted me. "Happy birthday, Aprylle!" Wow, a surprise birthday party for me. I was still trying to absorb everything in when my sister told me Paolo had it prepared since he wouldn't be around today. Upon hearing this, I felt my hands starting to tremble. I was suddenly very aware of my surroundings. Why are lots of cameras pointing at me? Why did everyone have that funny look on their faces? And then, this guy turned up with unarguably the easiest question thrown at me my entire life. I knew the answer I would give from day one - YES. ❀️

When all your lipstick shades start looking veeery similar, it's about time you stopped binge-buying. Teehee. 🀣

Online purchases I almost forgot I made about a week ago arriving at my doorstep today, this one included. Melbourne has always been a dream destination, if only because it has now clearly emerged as the coffee capital of the world.

For the super-busy home cook. Yep! That's totally me. LOL. Why did I even buy these cookbooks again? Hmm, guess I had an inkling from the start. Haha.

Today's mantra: The future is always bright. Look ahead!

Had my taste buds waiting for this since learning I'll be back in Baguio, and that was three years ago! Thank you, Paolo, for taking your family and I to dinner tonight. Great time, as always. And the food, superb. :)

Waking me up from slumber earlier today. πŸ™ˆ

Cute cheap thrills from the department store. 😜

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