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Nurul Aini  TV Presenter/Actress (Eng/Malay) l @studiofrost @studiocafesg @an_apparels πŸ“§ : aanurul@gmail.com


Quite impressed with how L'Oreal Revitalift LASER X3 Anti-Aging Double Serum has helped me reduce my fine lines and improve my skin texture after just 3 days of using it. My skin feels fresh and hydrated after every application and it evens out my skin tone too!
Mid 30s already. Must "jaga" the skin. As we get older, it is so important to give the skin an extra TLC. Not only is treatment important, but prevention too and it is great that this serum does both!
If you have sensitive skin, dont worry, L'Oreal Revitalift LASER X3 Anti-Aging Double Serum is also available for sensitive skin!
You can get it at all leading drugstores and super/hyper marts!

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The drama continues in Episode 6 of Lion Mums tonight at 10pm! #LionMums2 #lionmums2ch5

Wuhooo! In tonight's episode, we welcome a new character in our happy Lion Mums family. Guess who will @narainda be playing? LAIIIIII LAIIII! Watch tonight to find out! 10pm on Channel 5. And tweet with the cast with #lionmums2! ❀️ #lionmums2ch5

In tonight's episode, learn how to chop a seat - The Durrani Way. 😏😏😏 10pm on Channel 5! #lionmums2 #lionmums2ch5

In tonight's episode, we are all invited to the Playdate of The Century and we finally get to meet Eugene! How will that turn out? Oh! Just so you know, my son teared when he watched this episode. And he later came up to me and whispered "I will never do that to you mummy". πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” Watch it with your kids (if they are asleep, then catch up on toggle) because this series teach good values to children too.
See you tonight at 10pm on channel 5! β€ͺ#LionMums2 #lionmums2ch5 ‬

I think everyone can agree that Singapore is one of the safest places to be in and I know that I can go anywhere with my kids in Singapore without having to worry so much.
I was reading the article about little Saffie who died from the attack in the Manchester Arena, and as a mother, I cannot imagine how it would be if something like this happened here in Singapore. Worse, if we do not know what to do WHEN it happens.
No matter how safe we feel, Singapore is not immune to such attacks and we must be prepared and know what to do when something similar happens in Singapore.
Let's all stay alert and always be prepared.
#SGSecure #StayAlert #SP

What are the Lion Mums up to in episode 3? MORE DRAMA. Tonight at 10pm on channel 5! #lionmums2 #lionmums2ch5

Didn't realize how talkative you've become Agent @msofian πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Call him at 92388568 if you need to talk (about property only ahhhh hepppp ☝🏼) #YanConfirmLayan

Guess what's new from MAKE UP FOR EVER? Their Artist Rouge Light lipstick that's super hydrating and glides on effortlessly on the lips. Suitable for those who loves shiny kissable pouty lips! 😏 Available in 25 shades. Full collection available at their boutique at Downtown Gallery. Selected shades are available at Sephora stores and they have a pop up at Sephora Ion from now till 16th August. So go on down and try on their Artist Rouge Light and pick a colour that suits you the most!

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So if you watched Lion Mums last night, you would have seen this scene. But this is the mandarin version that I did. We had to do 2 versions, in case the channel needs it to be in english. I translated the script to mandarin but there were certain words that I forgot like "badminton" and "blame" so I said it in english πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. This was such a fun scene to do. We took 1.5hours and I remember sweating soooo badly in this scene, even though I am surprised it didn't show on screen, haha. Next episode of Lion Mums will be on Monday at 10pm! #lionmums2 #lionmums2ch5

Why am I begging? Find out what is going on in episode 2 of Lion Mums tonight at 10pm on Channel 5! #lionmums2 #lionmums2ch5

He made me wear his "curtain". 😫😫😫 @josephschooling

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