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Angel Giuffria  Actress, Congenital amputee🙋🏻, Public Speaker, Psyc grad student, Rep'd by @KMRtalent #bionicactress


Another @amputeecoalition youth camp down and I'm full of feels. Camp always comes at a perfect time in my life to remind me who I am and why I do what I do. Seeing these kids just be fully themselves - amazing, hilarious, talented, intelligent - makes my heart full. Being around my fellow counselors who remind me to do more and be better - and I admire them all so much. As draining as camp can be - physically & emotionally - afterwards I feel so recharged and energized to take on anything. This family is important. This community is important. I would do anything for them. Love you all & see you next year. OH BOY #amputee #summercamp #amputeecoalition #limbdifference #luckyfin #bebionic

✈️👋🏼BYE NYC✌🏼✈️. I had a perfect week spending time with amazing friends & making new ones. This week was mostly filled with girl hangs. I love knowing and being in contact with so many amazing strong intelligent supportive empowered/empowering women. These women encourage each other, support each other, & count on each other. The world tries to make this a competition between us all & I'm so lucky to be in a community who works to combat that. To be involved in a scene or community that enables me to grow and learn with every interaction makes me feel very lucky. Love all of you. CC: @byericalauren @sarasvati @chrstnemackie @emdubin @amandafotes @kernieflakes @carlyhoskins @katie_paper @sammychamps ON A SIDE NOTE: maybe starting a band bc we've already taken some 🔥 promo photos this week. #girlgang #bebionic #ottobock #amputee #northsidefestival

Decided to do a random trip to NYC to support some amazing babes at Girls to the Front: NYC photo show. Staying to hang with amazing friends & see some great shows. Anyone going to #northsidefestival or #punkrockbowling NJ? Leaving straight from NJ to Austin for a cool photoshoot! Pretty stoked on life right now🤘🏼. 📸: @sneeeve #amputee #bionic #GTTFnyc #ottobock #bebionic

Hey y'all, check out my cool new silver #bebionic hand doing a cool thing. Back in LA for 24hrs for a SICK acting opportunity. Will try not to fidget spin through my audition. 🎥: @morganmiller #ottobock #bionicactress #amputee #actress #fidgetspinner

Well today is the day. I'm driving back to Louisiana from Los Angeles. I've really enjoyed my 3 months out here in LA - so much so that after I finish thesis stuff and camps in July (@amputeecoalition camp& @lucky_fin_project woo!!) then I think my goal is to try move out here. Obviously nothing is set in stone yet but it's definitely more of a possibility than it was before I came. Unless I decide to move to NYC! Or Atlanta! Who knows at this point. All I know is that I'm going to continue working at doing what I love and hoping that it all will work out. #amputee #bebionic #bionicactress #ottobock 📸: @ollymcb

The entertainment industry can be stressful especially when you're working toward a goal that isn't already mainstream. I'm so lucky to have my amazing agent @kmrgail in my corner. She works so hard toward the accurate representation and inclusion of those with differences and disabilities. Gail has been behind the scenes of the coolest things I've booked so far. I'm so lucky to have her in my life as well as representing me. Thank you Gail for everything you've done for me so far and for every exciting thing that is to come! #bionicactress #bebionic #ottobock #amputee #actress

Yesterday I went with @amputeecoalition and other amputees to Capitol Hill to discuss policy issues effecting amputees with Representatives & Senators. Honestly, I had a great day! I was able to meet with Representative Cárdenas and have a great conversation about insurance coverage. I also met with the staff of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. Really enjoyed our conversation. It's important for these policy makers to put a face to the people being effected by the policies. My parents are already pushing that I go into politics next. Who knows y'all! ¯\_(ツ)_, #amputee #limbdifference #luckyfinproject

From Los Angeles to Louisiana to Austin back to Louisiana back to Los Angeles - my last week has been pretty intense. I didn't get to spend Easter with family but I'm lucky to have a Disney day with this babe. I'm lucky to be busy. I'm lucky to be doing what I love. I'm lucky to have friends who support me. I'm lucky to have people in my life that make me happy. Hope everyone had/has a great holiday💞.

Last night was the premiere of #SpeechAndDebate film! Which is the first ever speaking part I booked that made it into the film! I got to see so many awesome people that were part of making this hilarious film. You can download it right now on iTunes. #bionicactress #amputee #bebionic

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY 🎉🎁🎂! Birthday donuts! I flew in last night back to Los Angeles from filming in London & my friend came from Louisiana to spend my birthday with me. Life has been pretty sweet recently. Love you all💞 #BIONICBIRTHDAY #amputee #birthday #bebionic

Yesterday started just as me getting lunch with my 8+ year online friend (now IRL friend) talented model @shahol1 who was walking for amazing model/designer @madelinesmodelling_ & her new line (21 Reasons why). Fast forward several hours to meeting the amazing Madeline & her awesome mom and to a text from shaholly of "turn your car around! They want you to walk!" I'm so thankful to Shaholly for letting me peek into her world and Madeline & her mom for allowing me to be there. I was so honored to be around these amazing humans pushing boundaries in the fashion world to tell people we need better diversity representation! #BreakingTheMouldTour #artheartsfashion #amputee #bebionic #luckyfin #limbdifferenceawareness

Finishing up the #AAOP conference in Chicago and I FINALLY got the chance to meet @nicolegkelly (Miss Iowa 2013, amazing, intelligent, hilarious human)! I love that I have the privilege of attending conferences which allows me to meet amazing humans and constantly see the latest things in a field that I'm so passionate about. These last few days have been amazing! PS bionic hardstyle all day🤖. #bebionic #bionic #amputee #luckyfin #limbdifferenceawareness

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