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Anna  ↟ Northern Spain Interested in European folklore, forests and the creatures that inhabit them. Learning traditional textile techniques.

Autumn gifts

The moss creatures live in wooded, shady areas. They magically transform the enviroment and the light around them and can appear in front of sleepy humans who need to take a nap. Most of the year they are sleeping.

A wizard's staff.


I just can't express my love for mushrooms and lichens with words

An embroidery I finished last winter. Linen fabric, cotton thread.

More slavic fences 🌻

Are you a sunrise or a sunset person? I definitely prefer sunrise, especially when there is morning fog. That may be because I almost never manage to see them because I'm a sleepy groundhog in the mornings 🤔

At home 🍃
Tomorrow will be half a year since we moved here. There are lots of plants all over the place already. Some of them are trying to get inside the bedroom through the window... And most importantly: the pumpkins are getting bigger, announcing the arrival of autumn ☺️

In the heart of the forest 🌱


We have a lot of small lizards living in our garden. This one died because he got into a basin while we weren't at home and couldn't get out :(

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