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ANASTACIA  Toronto, ON. The human form of the 💯 emoji.

Times New Roman on the streets, Wingdings in the sheets.

Scary activities to do on Halloween: log onto your student loans account to see how much you owe, roll your eyes at your mom and tell her to shut up (does not apply if you're white), date and invest your time in a fuckboy, and perhaps the scariest of them all.... engage in a political discussion with a redneck trump supporter

Oh hey, it's me, your (sometimes) friendly neighbourhood, Fuckboy Slayer. No need to summon me, I show up instantly when you get an unsolicited dick pic. My superpower is to fight off all fuckboys by asking them "what are we?" and I'll have them running away in fear when I say "I'm looking for something serious". Protect yourself from the Fuckboy Epidemic, ladies, that girl he's been talking to ain't just his friend. Don't worry though, I'll help you drop him like he's a scolding hot pizza pocket that's been warmed up too long when you try to take it out of the microwave. I GOTCHUUUUUUUUU!!!

Few things I wanna address: 1) I know I haven't posted in forever but that's cus I started my full time (also the best I've ever had) job & I don't really have time for insta—unless it's for memes, sliding in ya mans DMs (this is a joke), or my would you rathers questions I post in my story. Which brings me to 2)... I know my would you rather questions are fucked up but NEWS FLASH!!! That's the point. So please don't go out of your way and msg me telling me how vile and disgusting they are like your tongue wasn't titanic deep in ass a few weeks ago. THANKS

America... how are you guys just gonna sit there and let a bigoted cheeto—who cares more about football players who protest the anthem more than white supremacists that are ACTUALLY fucking up the nation—be your president. If Kennedy got assassinated, so can Trump. #fucktrump

When the line up for the ride you wanted go on is too long, so you ask the hot attendant if you can ride him instead.

Reading texts from a fuckboy is like reading tweets from Trump. You know it's full of covfefe but you're entertained by the extent of their stupidity anyway.

AUGUST IS THE SUNDAY OF SUMMER TIME. Which means hoeing season is pretty much over. As soon as you see white girls with pumpkin spiced lattes, just prepare your ass to be cuffed.


If it was so normal and well-intended to tell women to smile on the streets, why don't men tell other men to do the same? 🤔

GOOD MORNING TO ALL EXCEPT THOSE WHO SUPPORT TRUMP. Y'all can have a morning as bad as your judgement 🖕🏻

Tbh, I'm actually VERY awkward when it comes to flirting or talking to attractive ppl. So if I'm talking about random dumb shit like types of bread or snails, it probably means I'm tryna holla 🤷🏻‍♀️

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