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Everything one seeks can be found within. All it takes is intent and unconditional love to manifest all that is desired. As unconditional love is explored, one will find that it nourishes the heart as blood flows through every vein. It radiates this energy that illuminates the self to divinity and higher powers of wisdom and soul.

You either learn to appreciate and work with what you have, or complain about everything you don't. Separate your wants from your needs. Flow through each day not stuck on the past, and have your future set on your goals while enjoying moments as they last.

We're all capable of so much if we just put our heart into everything we do and simply GO for whatever we choose to.

Every storm is followed by clear skies; Not to say there won't be foggy vision sometimes, but the sun will shine brightest soon after or even during, and it's most beautiful ever so often when flowers bloom from the drops that came with its fall.

NYC wouldn't be the culturally diverse greatness it is if it weren't for small businesses on every corner- Immigrant street venders.
I'll be sharing this series soon!

// Donis

// Pesi

It's not always people that come into our lives that somehow change who we are, but the situations we come across and observations we do on ourselves and those around us. This is what truly helps mold newer and better versions of ourselves. How we respond and pay attention to the way we react. Not only do we become more aware, but the consciousness of our existence and surroundings help us come in tune with our natural state of unconditional love.


// Suhair

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