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andrew morócho  inhale, exhale.

✨Jahniris✨ It’s amazing how such a little being could do so much teaching and healing. The amount that I alone have learned from this one little human bean is immense! 🧡

We can strengthen spirituality in another at a young age by simply embracing and encouraging all they do.
We’re all born with certain gifts, purpose, and greater knowing, but often forget/let go of so much while growing up when bombarded with nasty societal ways of shunning who and what we really are. So, as cliche as it may sound, it is up to us to be the change we want to see and Let greatness BE ✌️🤟
See the light ✨
Feed the light ✨
Be a light ✨

From a spark to a flame
Uncontrollably spread within
Like wildfire, in the darkness
As the heat rises
As he shines
As others watch
You can’t touch, nor dim
A light, that he is

Downtown funk

outlines of who you were
shaping who you will be
don't let yesterday be in vain
'cause everything is temporary
baby, don't you know?
flow with the frequency of nature
and learn to let go

If they don’t know your dreams, then they can’t shoot ‘em down #FridayNightLights is my fav Cole project 🗣

unafraid // unraveling

If you embrace the present and become one with it, and merge with it, you will experience a fire, a glow, a sparkle of ecstasy throbbing in every living sentient being. As you begin to experience this exultation of spirit in everything that is alive, as you become intimate with it, joy will be born within you, and you will drop the terrible burdens and encumbrances of defensiveness, resentment, and hurtfulness. Only then will you become lighthearted, carefree, joyous, and free. #DeepakChopra

El chico del apartamento 512

If you're going to ever assume anything about anybody, let it be that they've been through the worst. That they've been through the worst, yet they're still standing. The worst, yet they get up every morning ready to face a new day even when all hope and faith is lost.
Just like you some days.
See beyond the tough front some people disguise themselves in to cope with their pain and suffering. You'd say you're strong yourself too even on your lowest days, yes? But you yourself know how hard it can be to find that sometimes.
So, share your warmth.
It's always important to nurture the light you carry inside of you, and one way to that is to simply share some. Let it radiate from within, outward. It'll continue to grow and expand.
Embrace kindness.
You won't ever know exactly what anybody has gone or is going through, so my advice to you is to offer them a smile, and if you can do more, go ahead! Some things seem small to you, but to others they may go farther than you think.
You know you've been through some shit, so spread empathetic love.
Just.. Love! ✨

In a city where the nights shine brighter than the daytime

What do your hands symbolize to you? To Alizé (@mangopiragua), they represent her culture and ability to create art that embodies and celebrates it. Growing up Latinx in the USA, we sometimes neglect our roots as a result of the Eurocentric views surrounding us, even if subconsciously. She says, “At one point in my life I felt that my culture was gradually disintegrating due to attending a predominately white high school. It is difficult to admit, but I was ashamed of being Latina. Which is why today I produce bodies of artwork embracing my roots and who I am... and I’m happy!” Keyword: HAPPY ✨ It’s important to recognize the glorious gardens our ancestors planted for us to bask in. It’s important to embrace certain labels. 🇪🇨🇵🇷


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