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A A L I Y A H ♡ H E R R E R A  ❤️💛💚💙💜


This drawing is sooo amazing, man I wish I can draw like my brother lol😒😂❤️ @martinherrerajr

Omg I took sooo much time on this and I don't even like it😭but I'm still gonna post it because I took time on it❤️

A big ass slime😍❤️it turned grey of course🖤but I like it

Looking through my sketchbook and found a drawing of @flamingeos ❤️😍🔥 I actually liked this drawing the last time I drew it but for some reason I didn't post it😕confused but now is uploaded😊❤️

Look at mah bae😍😍😍finally done with it☺️I haven't been working on it because I forgot about it💞but I started to finish it today😋😊😍and I'm proud of it😍😍 also I drew this simple castle for one of my friends 😊❤️ that I am also proud of😀

OMG I love this drawing sooooo far😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💗💗💗💗❤️❤️❤️Fucking fire lol! To me it looks a lot like him(not like the picture but close enough😊)and He's fucking hot❤️😍😂🔥I'll finish this drawing for sure, but idk if I will do it tomorrow😴for now I'm going to bed goodnight✌🏼🌙

✨•New drawing•✨what do u think?😊💗 I love the eyes so much😍I might finish one more drawing today💭❤️

I tried to get it to look like her👍🏼🤔and honestly I don't even know if I like it or hate it🤔I'll finish my drawing sooner or later❤️goodnight 😄☺️

And here's my drawing of @arianagrande mahhh Queen👑😍😊❤️ I actually like the way this drawing came out and also I'm In love with her song "Everyday"👌🏼😍 anyway I hope you guys like it as much as I do!💛 also if want follow my other account @aalliiyyaaahhhh 😊

Wanna know how to make this fluffy slime check out my new YouTube videos😊❤️link in bio

Here's mahhhh drawing😍I love it so much, I got inspired to draw this by @draw_freee 👌🏼😍you draw amazing

Here's mahhh drawing and I would say I like it but the color pencils messed up my drawing😭, that's why I put it in black and white😭😪hope you guys like the drawing even tho I messed up😞@arianagrande 😊❤️😘 also if u guys like follow my other account (Main account) is @aalliiyyaaahhhh (Forgot to put my name on my drawing OOPS 🙊)

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