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Our beliefs, whether we create them ourselves or we get them from our family and friends, anchor our understanding of the world around us. Your beliefs also dictate what situations and and results you experience in your life.
Your belief system is based on your evaluation of something. Frequently if we reevaluate a situation, our belief about the situation will change
Many people stick with their beliefs all their life. So, their results, which are just the manifestation of their beliefs, don’t change much over the years.
That said... Who could YOU become if you changed your old beliefs? What would you do? What would you have?
Here’s a summary of the general process you can use to change any belief:

1. Consider a situation or belief that troubles or limits you.

2. Evaluate the belief (e.g., ask where it came from, if it’s really true, if it’s helping you grow, etc.) and determine what a more empowering belief would be in that situation.

3. Create an affirmative statement of the belief/perspective you want and re-enter the situation with this new belief.

4. Practice entering the situation with the new belief over and over again, until you embody the new perspective.

5. Enjoy your results

Body language is HUGE.
Being able to read body language can be considered a 'Super Power'.
I say this because without it you're at a disadvantage, but with the correct understanding you will be 10x more in control and able to READ your potential client... I'd go as far as saying it's like a 6th sense. 🧠✨
And it's not just for business! It also helps in daily life with people around you to understand who is interested or uninterested in communicating with you.

Could this book help you? 🧐

On my line. 🎣 cc: me

I have currently been laser focused on improving my customer experience. I went quiet on instagram for a really long time and realised it was providing no value what so ever. So I want to do something with it
Aside from my business I love sharing tips and advice with you guys which has helped me to get started.
If theres anything in particular you want me to talk about Dm me.

Deciding between 2 books🧐 'Mastery' talks about what great people do in their every day lives that allows them to reach the point where they are considered a MASTER in their field. -
Whereas in 'The One Thing' the author touches on how you can simplify your workload by narrowing your focuses on ONE THING that truly matters in any given project. 🤔Which would you pic?

Been referring to this book every day.. It explains every point of entrepreneurship that you can possibly imagine.

I love this book because it explains everything in a format that is easily digestible. Unlike many other business books that describe things in such unnecessary complexity.

Question of the day: What is your favourite book? 📚✨

Does anyone travel for food?🥂

📚Should you read The Personal MBA?

The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman is a must read book for entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants to start and grow a business.

Being a business owner myself who doesn't have a business degree I found this book to be very helpful when it came to getting my business off the ground and actually generating an income.

Instead of trying to figure out the path on your own (which is dumb).. Just follow the guidelines of someone who has already done it.

You wouldn't mess around with random ingredients till you manage to somehow bake a cake?

You follow a recipe. (Do the same in business & follow a proven path and get moving)

This book is incredibly insightful.

Do you want to see more Travel content or Self-help/Business?

Let me know in the comments✨

This photo represents 2 of my favourite things. (Cameras & Art)📽🎨 Whilst building my business I find that the majority of my thoughts are analytical, intricate or just raw problem solving.

So as much as i love business, I also desire partaking in activities where there are no obstacles or challenges involved. Which is why i think 'Art' is the perfect form of expression for anyone.

ESPECIALLY if your day is full of nitty-gritty tasks that require your constant attention.
Art is a wonderful way to break away from that intricate thought pattern. 🧐(Hope that made sense, if not dm me)

imagine if @just sponsored me.💧

🧐Assumptions are not always bad, let me tell you why.. You must do more than imagine your dream life. You must act as if you are already living it.

And that means you must assume something is already yours even when it seems completely out of reach.

Granted, that takes some practice. However, once you start assuming your dreams have come true, the actions that follow will be in alignment with your vision.

For the power of assumption to work in your favor, you must cancel out all self-doubt. You can’t wonder if, how, or when your goal will come to fruition. You must have total confidence in yourself and your manifesting abilities.

Assume your goal is already yours, and watch everything fall into place.

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