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आभा हुद्दार  I want to act, dance, travel and laugh Dog lover, tea drinker, excessive talker. I cook when I am stressed For my cooking adventures follow link below

I have never cooked spaghetti before, infact I don't really order it at restaurants. There is just something about eating spaghetti that reminds me of etiquette classes and totally stresses me out.
I may not laugh like a lady or sit in a proper dutchess slant and have a potty mouth,but I feel the pressure of eating spaghetti the right way.
So I finally made this delicious recipe thats a twist on @jamieoliver classic summer sausage spaghetti (the twist is that I added grated carrots and didnt use an oven)
To make this fun, my aaji, my mom and I (they made me !) ate this with our hands cause fuck etiquette and slay patriarchy and who wants to be proper anyway.
To eat with cutlery is like making love to an interpreter. Eat spaghetti the way you like.
Recipe coming up on @amillionspices
Cause women don't need a rule book

Love in a Doggy- dog world

Of palm trees in the snow,
And pine trees on the beach.

Where to, Miss ?
To the stars.

Wild women don't get the blues.

Are you dying of cuteness ?

Holding on to winter as tightly as I can. As the season changes and the city enters, furnace mode, Im saying farewell to soupy broths on windy evenings with this one.
Made this with leftover barley pearls, dried oyster mushrooms and fresh baby spinach, all seasoned with shallots, garlic, bay leaf, ginger, coriander and sea salt and pepper. Trust the mushrooms to make a broth so yummy that you hardly notice the absence of meat. Perfect for meatless Mondays and Thursdays or simply any day in my Maharashtrian vegetarian home !
This stuff is healthy and yummy 😍
Hand model - my lovely momma
Recipe - all me, at my creative best (Self praise is not healthy but this was divine)
Shall put a detailed recipe on @amillionspices , which is my food page. Do check it out kind people
#amillionspices #ilovetocook #homechef #shoulntcallmyselfachef
#followmypage #😊

Those desktop wallpaper type

That place,
That time,
That weather,
That was
bliss !

Wanted to be part of the club.. A few more squats and probably.

Did someone say road trip ?
My daddy taught me not to sleep while on the passenger seat.
I have never had to 😶

If only everyone could start thier day with a puppy dog wagging it's tail.
Now I get why it's the happiest country.

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