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Maybe I'll end on a better note. Best trick on ig maybe coming soon. I don't want to promise anything tho.

ok idk if of you guys remember me but I'm Matt Riutta (aaatricks) and today is my birthday may 4th and I think you guys all deserve this yes I'm quitting. I'm sorry to all my fans but puck tricks and this account has gave me so many opportunities I met my best friend @nastyhockey (grant) I also met so many other amazing people! They have also brought me through tough times when I was stressed you guys have always made me feel better. I started this account for fun and never thought I would actually get any followers. And I grew all the way to 16.8k some days I was gaining over 400 followers and that's crazy!😩❀️️ I worked so hard on this account and my hard work payed off. Puck tricks were the thing had made me really happy. I've had some tricks that have changed the community. And I'm glad I could inspire so many people❀️️ thank you guys so much I love you all!❀️️ - aaatricks, peace out.
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Hey guys lil but rusty but anyway so for the last few months I haven't been feeling like making videos TBH they were getting boring but now I want to start making vids again! So this is my return for real. I'll be posting a lot more now I love you all thanks guys!😘😭

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Pretty sick duo zorro with Grant @nastyhockey Company's in the video are @chillygear and @summerskates
#hockey #tricks
Tons of new vids soon!

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Pretty sick sauce!
Company's in the vid are @hockeysaucekit @sniperhockeycanada @sniperskin @swisstrax @dustyhockey @chillygear #hockey #tricks
Tons of new vids soon!

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