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Aaron Little  Musician, gamer, and most importantly, father. My children are my rock. Follow and I'll do the same.

After dealing with hair loss for the better part of 4 years, it was finally at the point where I had to have a comb-over just so it didn't look that bad. One half of my head had hair, the other didn't. So I decided to take out the middle man and shave my head, this time for good. Any one else feel a draft in here?

Mandatory birthday post for @little.j.13. Dude you keep growing up, and making me feel old. Im insanely proud of your sense of humor and the style of music you're getting into. And you're growing into an extremely talented musician. Can't wait to jam with ya someday soon. Happy birthday broh! Hope it's been a good day.

Appreciation post for @casualtyofstardust. Babe I don't know where to begin. You make days so much better. Ever since I've met you, life has been of a better quality. More laughs. More smiling. More happiness. I love you more than words could ever describe, and the fact that the kids adore you just pulls me farther and farther into this love I have for you. I love you babe. 😘😚😍

@casualtyofstardust made fajitas for dinner and OH MY GAWD. SO GOOD.

I am truly blessed 😍

Took 2 of the 3 to the park yesterday. Little man got to swing!

Since you wanna be a turd and post some sweet cheesy stuff about me, I guess I should probably do the same. @casualtyofstardust you don't quite seem to understand just how much you mean to me. How every minute with you is heaven and how every minute away is hell. You help me realize so much in myself, and help bring me closer to a version of me that absolutely deserves you. You're astounding, amazing, fantastic, and stellar in the most beautiful ways possible and I'm thankful for every moment we have shared and will get to share for the forceable future. I love ya Rachel Ray.

Happy 4th from 3/4 of the Little clan!

I swear this kid is my mini me.

Took this beauty to Indiana Beach yesterday. Got maybe a little too much sun but it was a good day overall. Hopefully next time, the kids can come with us πŸ˜€ @casualtyofstardust

Making sure the kids get some good quality TV πŸ‘Œ

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