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aesthetic audios  spotify: laaurryn_ soundcloud: aesthetic audios if you use an audio that i post or dedicate something to me dm it to me so i can see it :)

i edited this so it can loop

this girl took the videos that i posted and said it was hers and she even had the same captions as me and so when i commented she blocked me LMAO

im lowkey proud of this edit (this is my edit)

i edited this so it could loop (this is my edit)

(this is my edit)

[ starts around 0:22 ]
i start summer school tomorrow but i'll try to post as much as i can

guys i think i broke my laptop so idk if i can post anymore

idk how i found this but im kinda glad i did
yes i am aware that the original song is called mask off but this remix is called mask on

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